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How long do car insurance companies take to pay out for a stolen written off car?
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How long do car insurance companies take to pay out for a stolen written off car?

I had my car nicked about two weeks ago, I have sent the insurance company all the required docs and incident form. They found the car burnt out a day later. Police were informated as soon as I realised car was gone. How long will the insurance companiy take to pay out?


They will have to complete their investigation before they consider paying out. How long the investigation takes depends on what has to be done. Since we don't know the details of your claim and have not spoken to your adjuster -- we can't tell you. However, since the car was found burned out - they will take a very close look at this claim.

I would prepare for a long wait. 3-4 weeks to start. Fire and Theft claims do need to be investigated (as the previous answers have said). It is a good thing you sent in all your paperwork already. That will help.

Lastly, I would call your theft and fire adjuster often after the 2 week. Your file will find its way to the top of the pile!!!

i've been waiting for 3 months for car## nas# to sort out my bike claim hope yours goes better than mine

Easy theft claims are usually paid within a month. A burned out car maybe more complicated. Maybe. If it seems fishy, then they can send the claim to a special investigative unit to investigate. Then it can take a lot longer. If you have nothing to hide, then just cooperate, and everything will check out, and then they will pay you with no problem.

I know people that had nothing to hide but refused to cooperate so never got paid. It is in your policy that you have to cooperate with the insurance company. So, do whatever they ask.

The insurance company should be providing you with a rental car until they settle your claim. If you don't have one, then call and ask the claim rep for one.

Good Luck.

Simple answer is, As long as they want!

You can reduce this time by keeping on at them in writing, e-mail and phone.

Be polite but firm, keep asking when they will pay out, and if they have any steps to complete first then ask when they expect that step to be completed.

They will pay up as soon as possible because they want rid of the pressure from you.

usually within 6 weeks.

1 week but get on top of them.

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