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How long do you have to change your address on your drivers licence when you move?
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How long do you have to change your address on your drivers licence when you move?

I moved a few months ago and still haven't changed my address on my license. Neither has my husband. My husband got stopped for speeding last week, and the cop told him that if he saw him on that road again, he would stop him and give him a ticket if his license wasn't updated.
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Thanks for the input! I'm in rural West Virginia, and can't find anywhere to do this online. But the DMV site had change of address forms in PDF - which I printed out and will send in for myself and my husband.


Depends on the rules for the state you moved to. Some are 90 days, some are 20 days, the average seems to be 30 days. If you moved "a few months ago" you should already have that taken care of, also your registration changed and insurance in place. To quote Larry the cable guy, "Get 'er done!"

For most states its 10-30 days... but really who changes their drivers licenses that quick?

The DMV is the last place I ever want to go.

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you are supposed to change it within 6 weeks.

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In Florida, you got 10 days to change the address on your drivers license.

It varies sate to state. Here in WI you just have to fill out a form and mail it in ( or do it on the web.) Your physical licence doesn't change it's just that dmv and police records are updated.

30 days

In the UK you must send off your counterpart licence and your photocard on the day you change address. DVLA will return a new licence within six weeks but usualy faster.

Just Wiki it.
I think you only have 30 days to change it, but it might be different per state.

where is everybody?
they say within 30 days

In NJ 30 days.

30 days in my state, but you can do it online it takes a good 3 minutes.

Updated ASAP Even let them know u moved i live in adelaide and i dont know what it is for other places but u must change ur address info 14 day if not u have the risk of 2 years in jail or $3.000 fine

30 days

It varies by state, most of the time it's 30 days.

In our state it is six months I believe.

Pam H
Go to the same place you get your drivers license. It only takes a few minutes. They will change your address and issue a new license. I think you have 30 days.

really i moved from one state to another was gone two yrs came back moved again to another state moved back and move to three other places and i didnt change mind til they ran out ...... but you can do it online some cities or the dmv and no you will not get a ticket for a wrong adress.... 30 days is like a normal time for all of it you and the car its a money thing and since you have been warned

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Well.. since you can do it online and absolutely free these days, there's simply no reason not to do it immediately.

I don't know the correct answer to your question. Sorry.

as long as you want

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