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How long does a 16 year old need to wait to get a license after getting a permit?
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How long does a 16 year old need to wait to get a license after getting a permit?

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I live in California.


kristen m
According the the DMV, 6 months.

In PA its 6 months and 50 hours of driving on a permit. It may be different where you live but maybe not.

6 moths

to take the written test you have to wait a day and a month but i don't know how long for the driving test....i took it through a school and as soon as you're done with your six hours of driving you can take the test so i don't think there's any age limit on how old you have to be to take your driving test. Just make sure you're ready for it!

every state is different but in md its 60 days plus drivers educatiopn with 3 hrs of drug and alchol and 60 hours on your own time with a liscensed driver of 3 yrs.

15 years to life

6- 1 year

1 year now

Heart ♥ breaker
half a year so 6 months


This depends on which state you live in and the laws. Ask your parents...they should know this. Or call the BMV.

God is STILL in control!!!
It depends on what state you live in. For example,in Illinois you have to wait 9 months after you get your permit to get your license plus 50 hours of driving.

It depends on the state. In Utah, we can get our permit up to six months before we turn sixteen, and so when we turn sixteen, we can get our licenses right away. I would maybe find out specifically for your state, or ask your driver's ed instructor.

Kris10 = love
i think you have to wait 6 months between permit and license so i say 6 months :/

depends on where you live for me a year

Six months.

John Boy
365 days exactly and i think like 50 hours of driving.

Snow White Queen
6 months

If I had my way it another 16 years

It is usually six months or when you turn 18 you dont have to wait anymore.

20 hours of driving...after

pretty sure its still 6 months..

but it might depend on where you live..

Manuel L

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