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How many people can a person carry in a minibus with a normal drivers licence?
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How many people can a person carry in a minibus with a normal drivers licence?

both here in the uk and in the rest of europe??


Galway Nutter
8 as far as I know. That's what it is here in Ireland anyway!

Wayne Kerr
9 for hire or reward 16 for private use.

Not sure about europe sorry probably varies from country to country.

In my experience if the french want to do you they will just make it up if they can't find anything wrong.

Dan H
If you dress them in clown suits, about 25.

8 any more and you need a psv

You can only carry as many passengers that the minibus is designed to hold. If they are paying, you are not allowed to carry any passengers without a PSV licence.

Here's the latest & genuine info: http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/Motoring/DriverLicensing/WhatCanYouDriveAndYourObligations/DG_4022498

telboy everton forever
8 people but not for hire or reward ie no payments made to the driver

Terry G
It depends on how many seats there are on the minibus, 8,10,12,15. Every person must have a seat.

scottish football ....nuff said
not many.......
mini-buses are heavy.....
ive never lifted one.....but im sure bruce willis could......

15 seater it does say on the back of your licence............maclaren

Soup Dragon
The minibus should state the maximum amount of people it should carry and this should be adhered to.

As many as the minibus is designed to carry. But if they are paying you officially as a hired driver of a hired minibus, then you must have the required commercial drivers license.

Normally licenses are reciprocal between governments, except for some commercial drivers. As a private individual you can drive almost anywhere using an existing license. Some places require an international license. Check with each country you want to drive in.

Ivan R

(ANS) The answer is definitely only eight people ( ONLY 8 persons) unless the law changed recently? I used to drive a mini bus on behalf of clients at a day center for Leeds M.I.N.D ( a mental health charity). I only hold a full UK license.


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