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How much does it cost to transfer a plate?
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How much does it cost to transfer a plate?

I am buying a car this Friday and I already have a license plate from my last vehicle. About how much would it cost at a notary to transfer the new vehicle information to this plate & registration? I live in PA.
Additional Details
I'm buying a used car from a private owner.


If Pennsylvania motor vehicle practices are similar to New Jersey's, you probably CAN'T.

In the case of New Jersey, there is nothing on the plate to indicate its use for light trucks (i.e., pickups and SUVs). Rather, the difference is in internal coding (in the DMV's computer system) regarding the plates' assignment, so transfer from a car to a truck or vice versa won't happen.

Your best bet is to ask your state's DMV office.

How much would depend on the make and model of your old AND new vehicles. But generally, it is cheaper to transfer the plates than it is to get new ones.

EDIT: Here in Indiana, you can transfer car plates to SUV's, but only if you are not planning on using the SUV to pull trailers. Otherwise, you will need to purchase a truck plate instead. (Laws here might be different, so I would check before going.)

Hypno MILF Snatch
Are you buying a new car or used. I had a personalized plate on my previous car, and I just told the dealership that I wanted to use the same plate. They took care of it, but I have no idea how much it was. And then that was in 2003 and I'm in CA.

This of course was probably useless info though. But I'll star for interesting.

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