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How much will a car lease increase my monthly auto insurance premium or payment?
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How much will a car lease increase my monthly auto insurance premium or payment?


John T
It will possibly double it, also depending on the car value and if you have a garage and live in a densely populated area or not.
Try http://www.esuperfind.com/carinsurance.php?id=mw90
for a quote, it's free to do.

Robert K
If you would have carried full coverage on the vehicle when owning it outright, there will be no impact at all on the premiums. Insurance companies do not care if you or a finance company owns the car, they just need to know who to make the check payable to in the event of a total loss.

If the car is newer, I would recommend having full coverage either way, and contrary to what some people tell you, it can actually be less to insure a vehicle at higher limits of liability, plus they protect you better in the event of an accident.

Miss Mona
Some companies are offering insurance in the lease these days maybe that would be an option for you. But generally a new car is very expensive to insure especially if you are young and wreckless in your driving. hope you find something that works for you.

Live to ride
Its not the car lease to worry about. Its the car you have to worry about.

Perhaps You could google it first ,nonetheles, if you perfer some direct resource ,here http://www.Autoinsurancepro.info/auto-insurance-free.htm might be your choice.

Only your insurance carrier can answer that for you

a leased vehicle ususally needs much more Liability covergae, and the company wants to be listed as additional insured, and yes, it will definately increase your insurance if you don't already have the top possible coverage!

Carl M
For automobile insurance the quick way to get a low quote is do a policy comparison on auto policies. Make certain that you pick similar options with the same limits, car make, zip code, etc so that all options are a good comparison.

What I most often recommend is an online comparison quote at http://www.lowratetoday.com since they have discount insurers and can give multiple quotes on auto insurance polices.

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