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How old were you when you got your drivers license?
Find answers to your legal question.

How old were you when you got your drivers license?

how nervous were you? how did you overcome being nervous? what advice can you offer to someone who is older but has real phobias about being on the road?


I was 15, but just got mixed up on my age. About two or three years later I recognized the mistake and had it corrected.

Lots of practice and study will make you a pro and much safer. Have taught AARP defensive driving classes over five years and was an flight instructor and aircraft accident investigator. The three main things I came up with after teaching classes was: 1) Pay attention to your driving and don't be distracted. Don't use cell phone or tune radio etc. in traffic.
2) Don't be in a hurry which includes driving too fast or following too close. Leave early and take your time.
3) Never run a green ... yes green light. Just because the light is green does not mean it is safe to go. Many people are killed just going through a green light.

After having an accident that finished our car, I came up with two more.
4) Avoid left turns as much as possible. If you have an accident making a left turn it is almost always your fault.
5) Really pay attention to safety when buying a car. The best color for safety is white.
About 50,000 people are killed on the highway every year so please be careful and avoid the rush hour if possible.

I was 19



I am 17 and do not have one, nor want one. I wish you luck though.

lil' angel
believe it or not 27, three years ago
i always had a boyfriend or parent to drive me around
i had fear of failure
it wasn't until my husband passed away and i moved back to my home town and saw that i couldn't depend on my family to run all over for me (although they would)
i thought it's time to do something about it. and i did

i drove my parents car everywhere we went, and then one day i decided even though i couldn't parallel park worth a damn, that i was gonna get the test
i also found the 'test driving route' and followed it a few times, just to see if i could do it.
it only took 2 times and i passed, the first time i was really nervous and i went 35 in a 25 zone and hit the curb.
the second time ,i took what i did wrong the first time ,and applied it to the second time

good luck, i know how it feels, after you get your license you will wonder how you ever survived without them...

seriously take a deep breath and do it, you have nothing to lose, you get three chances to pass. and i for some reason you don't, you can wait a while and with your determination, you will succeed.

I was twenty three. I put it off until I absolutely had to have a car. Part of driver training in those days was to show horrifying movies of automobile wrecks and I was scared to death. I finally decided I would learn to be the best driver I possibly can. One thing I noticed is that bad drivers are always getting in accidents that are "not their fault." Good drivers can avoid accidents caused by other drivers by being alert, maintaining a more than safe following distance and by driving at a speed appropriate to the conditions. Once you get behind the wheel and develop some confidence you'll like driving. Being in control is less nerve wracking than being a passenger with someone who isn't as competent as you will be. Take a good defensive driving class and learn all you can.

PS Since I learned to drive I have worked as a taxi driver and a tour bus driver. Passengers have commented on how calm I am when I drive. I tell them I leave all my emotions (especially anger at other drivers) at home and focus on doing my job.

I was 16 and I had to take it twice before I passed. I hit a parked car when they had me parrell park. I never over came being nervous. I think I got it the second time because I knew what to expect.

Im 20 and i still dont have a drivers lisence.

16 and not nervous

I live in Aus, Got it on my 18th birthday.
Just make sure you have had enough practice and it should take all the nerves away.
Have confidence in yourself, i know it can be scary on the road but if you believe you can do it then you will relax more.
Good Luck.

Heads up!
I was 17 when I got my drivers licence. Try taking drivers education classes they help you become more confident at driving because you actually get to practise with a professional driving instructor. Good luck. Try arranging your drivers road test in a small town if possible , it is easier than doing it in a busy city.

18...i was in no rush. had lots of practice. during the test i just thought about what i was taught and didn't get too nervous. just remember to stay alert to all of your surroundings and know a way out in case of an emergency.....you'll be fine!

i was 16 and very nervous myself

16. I wasn't nervous at all. I was so excited!

15 1/2 for my permit and 16 years 1 day and a few hours for my license.

Not nervous at all.. but that's just the way I was.

Phobias: If you are not ready yet.. don't take it. Get someone to drive you to a local cemetary and turn you loose behind the wheel. Everyone drives slow there and there is no pressure. Not only that but chances are that if you hit someone they are already dead (sorry.. bad joke)

When my kids were old enough I took them each (in their own time) to the local one. Got out of the old truck I kept for just that purpose, tossed the kid the key and sat under an old oak with a book..Told her to drive by the tree once every 10 minutes but otherwise to have fun.

Worked like a charm.. then I just had to teach them how to parallel park.
For that I used a large parking lot at night and some red cones.
also closed and also no pressure .

SOooo if you need more practice to gain a comfort level, try that.

Jim W
I was 15 1/2 for my learners permit [Calif.] & 16 for my license.

My buddy's parents didn't want him to get a learners permit so I took him to get it. . . It was very funny at the time . . .

Just prepare by reading the state dmv booklet & don't panic when you are behind the wheel for testing. . . GOOD LUCK .

i was 17.
my advice would be to just deal with the fears and keep driving. eventually the fear will go away as you get more miles under your belt.

I was 17 when I got my license, but I no longer drive because I have phobias about driving, too. About a year and a half ago, I was in a very bad accident and ever since I have been too terrified to drive and even riding in a car is a problem, sometimes.

Mostly, I avoid driving by taking the bus or walking. Recently, I have started to drive some again. My boyfriend makes me drive around the block now and then because he says I have to get over my fear. We go about ten miles an hour, but at least I haven't passed out from fear, yet. I wish I could tell you that I got over my fears and how I did it, but I'm still working on it. Maybe you could try starting slow, though, too? Do you have someone you trust that would be willing to drive around the block with you?

I was 17...Was really nervous so I had a couple of beers to calm myself...

16, i wasn't nervous. i spent a year in traing driving with my parents and driver's ed in school.

19 and not nervous I was ready to drive. When you are on the road you are driving for everybody including urself.

i got mine at 17 an i would say to you is as long as you r confident you are 99% there. good luck.

Nancy Kay
18 and it was a breeze for me, no help here, sorry...51 and still LOVE driving...in Los Angeles...on the freeways...all my life!

my brother got his when he was 18 but he could have had his earlier. im 16 and i can get mine now.

17 - I took drivers ed, and drove with my parents alot. My mom and instructors were intregal in building my confidence.

Advice: Take drivers ed, take as many driving courses as you need to feel confident behind the wheel. (winter driving, etc)


I dont have one.

16. and I got my CDL permit when I was 18. I'm not that nervous, because after driving a truck, a car is simple. But at first I practiced a lot with my mother, that is with my car.

Average Joe
I was 16 when I got my drivers license. My dad took me to a large open field and let me drive around in circles, getting the hang of controlling the car. Just driving was so cool. He started letting me do that at age 14. By the time I was ready to get my driver's license I was ready but still a bit nervous. I asked my dad to go with me. After the test, my dad sat in the back seat when I went on the the test drive. The instructor let me use my car, that way I was familiar with what I was driving. The scary part was when traffic was passing by on the other side of the road. The best thing to do when a car is headed your way is very simple ... keep your eyes on your lane. Believe it or not everyone is a bit nervous the first time. Some more than others. You will do fine, no worries. 8~)

obscene and vulgar
im 17 and still have my permit. kinda makes me sad

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