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How soon do I need to insure a new car.?
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How soon do I need to insure a new car.?

We are going to purchase a car next Sunday from a private party. How soon do I need to get coverage on it? I already have coverage on my other cars. I'm just worried if it gets stolen/damaged before I can get it covered. We aren't 100% sure we want the vehicle so I don't want to cover something that's not in our name yet. Would it still be covered by the previous owner for awhile? Thanks in Advance!


Mad Jack
This depends on your insurance company.

Whenever I buy a new car, I always call my insurance agent ahead of time and let him know my intentions. This way, I am covered as soon as I buy the car, even if his office is closed.

I then go to his office the first business day after I buy the car and fill out the paperwork.

Contact your insurance company to see what they will require in order for you to be covered on your new purchase. You may be covered under a grace period, or they may require you to notify them before the coverage begins.

Some companies have 24/7 phone service, where you can make changes to your policy at any time. Some do not. Check with the company or your agent to see what is required.

♥~*Momma Bear*~♥
It depends on what state you live in. Here in Ohio your car is automatically covered as soon as you drive it off of the lot if you have an existing active policy. It's covered up to 30 days but after the first 30 days you have to add it to your policy.

Honky Kong
Provided that you're absolutely certain that you're going to purchase the vehicle, your best bet is to have it insured by the time you're paying for it. Be sure you get the VIN (vehicle identification number), the model, and year, and call your insurance company before you go to pick up the car. I'd suggest that you do this on the Friday or Saturday before purchasing the car, to make sure that you've got coverage.

Generally, the previous owner's insurance will not cover the car after it's been sold. Like most people, he'll probably drop it from his insurance plan as soon as possible to save money.

It will not be covered by the previous owner at all. Check your current policy on your current vehicles to see what it says about when you buy a new car. Usually they cover any newly purchased vehicle for about a week with the same level of coverage you have on your other cars. You should call your insurance agent and ask how the process works with your policy.

normally since you have coveraged on you other cars, when you
purchase a vehicle, it blankets the new car you purchased until
you buy another coverage for the new one. check with your current
insurance company for validity.

Legally speaking, the moment you exchange money for the vehicle and sign the V5, you have become the registered owner and keeper. Therefore you must have insurance to drive the vehicle away from the previous owners property.

If you need cover on multiple vehicles simultaeneously, contact your insurer, as they can add a vehicle on a temporary basis, subject to an additional premium usually.

Alternatively, you could get a "one day cover" type policy.

Jeff k
Most of the time It should be on the registration renewal of your car. Because they would not permit any registration that has no insurance.

If it were me I would drive straight to my Insurance Company after purchasing and add it to my policy. I've done it before and it's real simple.

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