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Husband forgered my signature on car registration!?
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Husband forgered my signature on car registration!?

I moved out of the house over 1 year ago. He still won't sign the divorce papers. I told him he could have the house and the car. The car is in a loan in both our names, however the title is only in my name. I have asked him several times to get the title changed. The registration just expired and I asked him to see the paper whenever he came to get the children. I noticed he forged my signature on the registration card. I told him he could not do this, that in PA it is called forgery. He told me he asked at Dunkle's Services and they told him since we were still considered married he was allowed. Is he allowed to sign my name on the registration? Also if he would be in an accident, even though he has insurance on the vehicle in his name could I still be held liable since it's registered in my name? Thanks.


No he cannot sign your name and is probably lieing about the service station telling him that he could (nobody business would give that advice). Further, if the car is registered to you and he does something such as drive drunk and gets into an accident you could be in serious trouble.

Until that loan is paid off, he CAN'T change that title.

Even in PA, you can't forge a spouse's signature.

And absolutely, until you are no longer a legal owner of the car, you can be held responsible for any damage that car does in an accident.

Bull dog
yes you can be liable. And no, he cant sign your name. He can only do that if you are in a coma or in the hospital. I would sue your ex. I mean sue him fast.

I think you could only held liable if he dropped the ins. or something really bad like that. The only person who can do anything about him forging your name is you. I beleive you would have to sure him and that would cost a lot and be hard to prove.

Yodasright L
I JUST WAS READING SOME OTHER ANSWERS,THEY ARE WRONG! YES YOU CAN change ownership of the car,and when it comes to KILLING someone with a motor vechile!!NO they don't see you as being one person when your married!i wish people would get the facts straight,,geezzz,and about changing the ownship on a loan thats simple ,you both have to go into where ever you guys got the loan and sign some papers stating your transfering ownership into his name,,its that simple..god!! some people in here are not the brightest star in the sky are they!!look like i said, iv been a lawyer for over 18 years ,i don't do much typing anymore ,never really did never had to, but i seen your question,now as you must know, laws differ from state to state,now ,,yes you are still liable under the eyes of the law ,because the car is still in your name, only way you can get out of it is say he stole it,you cant say he had the keys. its STILL your car..PERIOD! now to talk about the forged signature, if you didn't sign it 1st thing to do is call the cops,2nd thing to do is go into a local drivers licence place and tell them ! about it ! 3rd thing is to call his insurance ,you had to have gave them permission to insure the car! whether your married or not its the LAW! it all goes back to ..its STILL your car ! that would be like me putting insurance on your house without permission, same thing,nw if its just something small like a fender bender you don't need to really worry,BUT if he kills someone and is found tobe at fault ! even if he has his own insurance the family of the victim can still turn around and file a civil suit against YOU!!! you want to know why? you quessed it,,its STILL your car,,you take full responsibility on whom ever is behind the wheel,,thats why the only real way out of a jam like this is you would have to say he stole you car!! anyway i don't mean to scare you with all this,but the facts are the facts... i hope this sheds abit of light on your question,,,

No offence
I think no the car is yours--as far insur.if it is only in his name and you drive you could be liable call the dnv.

I would contact your local police department over this issue. If he is signing a car registration under your name, who knows what else he is signing under your name (banks accounts, loans, utility accounts, etc.) Hell, if he doesnt want to have the registration signed over into his name then he doesn't own it, have divorce papers served on him to prove you are trying to break off the marriage.Give him the option of ethier transfering the loan 100 percent in his name and then give him the title, or repossess the car since the title is in your name. You can reposses the car on you own or through a company. (I work for a taxi company and do my own vehicle repossessions on drivers who do not pay us) Doesnt sound like he is going to finish playing the game he is enjoying unless you play back harder.

Sounds unlawful to me (the signature-forging). As for your liability for his expenses if he's in an accident: You probably are legally obliged to remit if he cannot. I wonder if there's something you can do to distance yourself from him financially. Occasionally I'll see items in the classified section of the newspaper stating that so-and-so is no longer obligated financially to someone else. I'm not sure that would hold up in a court of law, though...

This sounds like major aggro for you, and I wonder how you're managing with the other rubbish he's surely giving you that you didn't report here. I hate it for you.

All of the previous answerers are wrong. As long as you are married the law recognizes both of you as the same individual. You need to hurry along the divorce proceedings before he does anything that will ruin your credit rating.

No he is not allowed to, it is illegal for him to use your name in formal documents without your explicit permission.

Yes, you would be held liable.

Get this fixed, get a lawyer.

Dee Dee
No, he can't do this. You need to get a solicitor. This can be used in your divorce case and subsequent custody case. The law is the law, regardless.

I am talking about UK law here.


ok, this is a wierd question, I have had my new car for five months and got pulled over and they thought it was a stolen vehicle because I took the old plates from the old car which they asked me if I wanted and I agreed. The vehicle is still registered in the old vehicle. Called the dealer and they said it had been registered in my new car....Going through a divorce so could he have changed anything when the registration came in or would there have been anything he could have tampered with since all the information went to his house..... Lots of strange things happen since I have filed so if you have heard of anything and could give me information. The dealer was very interested to know how this happen because they have never experienced anything like this before. It was kinda disturbing because yes you go out to eat have a couple of glasses of wine and then you are stopped for a non registered car or stolen.......

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