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I am a passenger in an accident where nobody has insurance, will my insurance help me?
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I am a passenger in an accident where nobody has insurance, will my insurance help me?

If I am a passenger in a car and involved in a two car collision and am injured but neither of the two drivers have insurance would my insurance cover my hospital costs and loss of wages?


ronald h
If you have medical insurance through your work place it will cover you and they will try an get their money back from the adverse driver. If you have auto insurance with Personal Injury Protection you have coverage for medical. You will have to look to the courts for further relief from the drivers.r

yes if you carry the proper coverages and depending on what state you live in.

IF you carry PIP, Personal Injury Protection, it will pay regardless of fault. Med pay will pay your bills as well.

Most people carry uninsured motorist bodily injury and would be available as the other parties were uninsured.

Contact your agent for more specific information but you should be good.

Good luck

Luna & Lawnboy
Yes, you file a PIP and/or Uninsured Motorist claim against your own policy. They will pay and subrogate against the at fault party.

David L
No. You have to sue the driver who was at fault.

no chance


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