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I am trying to sell my car and I have a question about getting the title notarized.?
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I am trying to sell my car and I have a question about getting the title notarized.?

I am selling my car tomorrow and the buyer says that all I have to do is sign it and he will get it notarized.. does that make sense? He says he needs to get it early before the bank is open so he doesnt have time for the banks to open because he is going out of town... but he says hes done it two other times before where it hasnt been notarized ...please tell me what you think....


just me
IF you live in a state that needs the title notarized, it is the sellers signature that is notarized. I am sure he can find someone that will notarize YOUR signature, but states are cracking down on notaries, and personally, I wouldn't let him do it, it is illegal to notarize someones signature if that person is not present. Basically, who's to say if YOU, the owner actually signed the title over?! That is why states are getting stricter about notarization.
Ultimately it is your decision.

vicki g
It depends on what state you're in. In California, the DMV doesn't require a notarized signature
Make sure you look at his drivers license and write it down, name,phone number and address. Is he paying cash? Don't take a personal check. get a money order or cash.
Make sure you sign a Release of Liability and turn it in to DMV. If he never follows through and never puts your Title in his name, then you could still be liable unless you tell the DMV you've released your liabilitiy.
did you get the car smogged in the last 90 days? That's CA rules.

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