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I bought a car from someone and can't find the title can i still register it in my name in texas?
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I bought a car from someone and can't find the title can i still register it in my name in texas?


Not sure how some states are but, in Alabama u have to have the title itself & bill of sale to register the car (also car must be present for vein inspection). That is if u purchased from and individual, purchased out of state or it has out of state plates. Its not a legal sale without the title b/c u can't register the car without it. The person should have replaced the title before they sold it. They can replace it now... by going to the DMV and get a form to fill out for a replacement title to mail in (with a $15 money order). Not sure about bout' Texas but, this is how Alabama is. Once he has replaced it then he can sign it over to u to put it into ur name. Check with your local DMV and ask the title clerks what process u need to take to get the car into ur name.

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You can do a "lost title" search. It may cost a little more that way, but that is your best bet. I bought a car from a guy in New York. When he could not find the title we had to do a title search before I could register the car.

yepp go to the clerks office give the vin number along with the bill of sale and file for a lost title

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bobby w
you have to get a copy of the org. then reg. the car

I live in Texas as well. I am almost positive that you must have the title. You can ask the seller to get another copy of the title for you. It's a small fee that I am sure you can cover.

get that title!! it's the only way

Nope. Can't register it anywhere. Thats what the title is for....to transfer ownership. No title, no transfer. The one who sold it to you will have to apply for another title and then sign it over to you. I would suggest that you look until you find the signed original title!!! Good luck. Pops

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