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I bought an ATV without a tittle. Can I get it registered without knowing how to contact the previous owner?
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I bought an ATV without a tittle. Can I get it registered without knowing how to contact the previous owner?

I know the ATV wasn't stolen before I bought it off of eBay, I checked the VIN, but I want to register it and I don't know how or even if I can.


If there ever was a title issued for it, you screwed up. You may have paid for the ATV but you cannot own it without having the old title to it. It is the sellers responsibility to provide you with a title at the time of the sale and it is the buyers responsibility to make sure he gets a title before forking over a cent for it. Go back to the seller and demand a title. If he cannot provide one, return the ATV and demand your money back

vicki g
At the DMV, there are forms for duplicate title REG 227. I think you can use them for "off road" vehicles...not sure
check out www.dmv.ca.gov
The DMV can look up data on the ATV if you supply them with the VIN#. But they may not give you previous owner info because of privacy laws...

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