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I can't remember when my MOT is due for my car, how can I find out as I cant find my old MOT certificate?
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I can't remember when my MOT is due for my car, how can I find out as I cant find my old MOT certificate?


Nutty Girl
u normally get mot and then tax car when is that due ?

Curious Steve
DVLA website

if you have your Car Registration Details, you can enter the details and it will tell you

Tim R
If you have your log book(registration certificate) you can check the details of your mot here :


You'll need the reference number from the vehicle's registration certificate. (The V5C issued by DVLA www.dvla.gov.uk.)

Jason Boots
curious steve has the answer providing you have the V5 registration form.

Your car would be due for an MOT on its 3rd anniversary,you can find this out by looking at the V5 you have.If in doubt then have the vehicle tested beforeusing it again.The onus would be on you if you drive a vehicle on the road without a test certificate.Job done.

Cautious Norm.
How did you pay for it ? Check old statements.

jason c
Most if not all MOT centres are computer linked to the DVLA, my advice would be to contact the DVLA direct and see if they can give you the date.

You can go to any garage that does MOT's, take your logbook (V5) with you and they'll print you another MOT certificate. They'll charge you £10 for doing this. Alternatively you can go to http://www.motinfo.gov.uk/html/home.html
This should help you find what you need to.

The original Peter G
Look at your registration document. The anniversary of the date of first registration should be the MOT date, unless someone has been careless in the past and let things slip. Or else ask at the last MOT garage

Check with the garage that last MOT'd it. They should have a record but they may charge for it.

If last MOT was a new one, large green paper with barcode. then garage that issued it will have record of it on computer.Failing that poss contact dvla got website with lots of contact details.

Just get it a MOT before you tax it next. Of course if anything is wrong before, fix it.

you just know its going to be in that 'safe' place.
search a bit more for it.

if you can remeber where you had the MOT done, they shoudl have a record of it.

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