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I didn't pass my driving test today?
Find answers to your legal question.

I didn't pass my driving test today?

Please say something that will make me happy.


You will pass in the end,it's a matter of confidence and road sense.
Try to get as many hours in as you can especially with a friend or relative if you can.That will get you confident about everyday situations that can spook someone on their test.
The more preparation that you do the better you'll feel about your next test.
I was fortunate enough to pass first time but plenty of my friends failed ,some more than once.
The main thing I remember from the time was that there were countless tales of bad luck and outrageous injustices but often when those people passed in the end they admitted that they just weren't ready the first time.

I'm guessing you have years of potential driving ahead of you so relax and start preparing,it's not a race.
When you do pass it will feel great so that's something to look forward to.
Good luck and enjoy the last few months of being able to feel smug about having a teensy carbon footprint.

Ps.Next time you do your test adjust the mirror so you have to move your head a little to see it.
That way your examiner will notice you checking.

Don't feel bad. There are thousands of unlicensed drivers driving around today. Oh, don't forget the illegals too.

You are not the first or the last person to fail a driving test. Take a deep breath because the hard part is over. Now that you know what to expect the next time you go to take the test it will be easier. I have no doubt that you will pass with flying colors. Keep your head up future licensed driver.

Purbasha T
You know what, I couldn't believe that I passed when the lady said I did. I drove so bad that day, I wasn't even expecting a pass...............you might have driven very good, it's just one of those bad days, when things don't always go good....but what has happened, is done, you should take positive from this....like now before you get your driving license, you have more chances to practice and make yourself more skilled, so statistically you're reducing the probability of accidents that might happen to you....and staying alive is always something to be happy, isn't it?....good luck with everything

loooool at Princess Deb

HRH Princess Deb
You don't have an insurance payment yet!!! That alone is a blessing. And you get to see (hopefully) hot policemen once again. Wooohooo!!!

Try to cheer up as you are not the only one to fail a driving test. Better luck next time.

I failed my first time too... and it was because I was overconfident. Next time, drive like an old person ;-)

Scott H
Well, at least you didn't kill anybody, right?

Hi everyone. I failed fourth time today. You can say - You are not acceptable to drive in UK, i don't think so. I tried to be positive. Maybe today isn't lucky day for me, Monday is really difficult day to solve the challenge. If be honest, i am not understand why here so difficult to pass. I used to drive in Europe, there many rules and requirements as well, but drive is more easy. If anyone has comments, please don't hesitate to tell me. Best regards, Tim.

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