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I have Third party fire and Theft insurance, am I covered to drive another car not owned by me?
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I have Third party fire and Theft insurance, am I covered to drive another car not owned by me?


Anchor Cranker

Not on your Insurance you cant. Only if the other persons insurance covers any driver to drive with his/her permission and doesnt have named drivers will you be covered.

joe m
No, although if they are fully comp to enable others to drive then as long as they say you can then off you go

hong kong phooey
nope. only fully comprehensive covers u to drive another vehicle & even then the other vehicle is covered only by third party insurance when u drive it

Doubt it, but see what it says on your insurance certificate.

Mine is comprehensive and it says I can, but I read somewhere that insurance companies are stopping this due to abuse.

nope. you take insurance to cover your interest in a particular car

Fred C
If you have a collision, you aren't covered, plain and simple.

Not likely. Phone your insurance company and ask.

Look on your insurance certificate it normally says on that, and if you are not allowed it should say on the bottom.

Paul Sabre
No ,sorry . You get this privilege when you have fully comprehensive insurance

To all intents and purposes, you are only insured for third party cover which means that your insurance company will only pay out to the other party if you are found to be at fault, whereas, if they hit you, you will only be able to claim for damage to their vehicle, not yours ( think) I don't believe you will be able to drive someone elses car unless they are fully comprehensive, in which case their insurance MAY cover you in the event of an accident. There is no way I would let a 3rd party cover driver behind the wheel of my car.

...i doubt it but check your policy...the insurance documents you have for your vehicle will tell you the status of it all...have fun...

tickled pink
in some cases and others you wouldnt be.. read you policy it will tell you all you need to know.

no u need fully comprehensive cover on your car to give you third party cover on other cars with owners permission but if there is a specific second vehicle you wish to drive u may find your insurance company will give u cover for a set time period at a price for that vehicle in addition to your normal premium

only if its on fire

diddy o

The Fat Controller
you will have to check your insurance document .I would expect however that unless you asked for this type of cover then answer is no. Some fully comp insurance does allow you to drive other cars but with limited third party cover

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