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I have got a letter from the DVLA? about not declaring car SORN.. £40 fine? I dont own the car?
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I have got a letter from the DVLA? about not declaring car SORN.. £40 fine? I dont own the car?

I have got a letter from the DVLA, about not declaring a car SORN.. it says it is a 1.8td escort that is registered to my house, but it is the first I have heard of it, it is a £40 fine? I dont own the car, and it says if its not paid by 1st november its £80 or court?


Is the car in your name? If not then you can just do nothing.

If the car is in your name you must write to swansea to explain that you have never had such a car and that someone is playing tricks with your name, sadly this might be a bit more difficult scenario to get clean from so hopefully the car is not in your own name then you should just send back all correspondence, I wouldn't even waste time doing that. Just do nothing till the bailiffs come then you say that such person never was at your place, show them your passport to prove who you are and send them packing.

lol some other criminal has but his or her car details in your address and that. they will be driving and if they get a ticket you have to pay. lol i would ring dvla and explain.

did you at any point own the car? if you didnt then there is the possibility that the DVLA have the wrong details for the car. You need to give them a call with the letter, it will have a reference on it, they will be able to help. Its known that in the past they have "lost" peoples driving license information and people have had to re-take their tests to get their license
If you did own the car then its still registered to you and you will have to pay the fine. Either way. call them as soon as you can. Dont hold out to see what will happen because it will go up to £80 then if they have to get bailiffs involved it can go to over £300.

Hope this helps.

if you have never heard of it then you need to get in touch and tell them you havnt owned that car, if you have owned that car and you sold it then it was down to you to tell the dvla about selling it so the fine would still stand. either way, ring em.

Had a similar problem some years ago. I bought a car which was mot`d but not taxed. Insured it over the phone, but couldn`t tax it until I recieved the cover note.
The garage from whom I bought it needed the space so delivered it to my home, on trade plates, and put it onto the drive.
There was a postal strike, so I didn`t recieve the cover note for about 1 week, by which there was only 6 days left until the new tax month, so I left the car where it was and taxed it at the beginning of the month.
I later recieved a letter from the DVLA informing that I was being fined £40 for driving without tax.
I phoned them and explained and was told to submit my plea in writing. Did that and recieved a letter back saying no further action.

I would call them to make sure it's not a mistake, they do happen. If they say it's not a mistake, or something, gather some evidence that you do not own the car and present it to the court.

Did you own it and did you sent the disposal part of the Registration form to the DVLA when you got rid of the car. If you did tell them if you did not do it now but I don't know what you can do except count yourself lucky that you have not got a lot of parking fines etc.

First of all, have you ever owned the car? If not, contact DVLA and tell them it's nothing to do with you, you've never owned the car, never heard of the car. They'll probably ask to to confirm in writing, if so keep a copy and ask for a receipt.

It's not unknown for some scrote to use someone else's address (and sometimes name too) to avoid "difficulties" with the law.

Send the letter back with a letter saying you have never owned the car in the past.

Ring of Uranus
Is it addressed in your name?
If you definitely never owned it, it's possible some scampeter type prankster has registered it (they are usually rusty m.o.t. failures) in your name / address while they run it for the duration of the tax etc and they don't cop for speeding fines etc. Sort of a 'reverse ringer' situation now that scrapping them has become more expensive than keeping them. Keep an eye open, it will be being driven by someone who knows you. Have a word with the police as well as the DVLA. They are aware that it happens (they are round here anyway!) and take a dim view of it when they find 'em.
If you can't persuade the DVLA its not yours (it's nearly impossible) your best bet is to hope for a sympathetic magistrate. Invest in a decent solicitor and take a copy of your report / statement to the police.

Dave C
I'd write to them or give them a call and explain their mistake. If they fail to act on your information then let them waster their time with court. I'd go to the Citizens advice bureau for further information as they have probably come across this situation before. I looked on the DVLA website where it tells you regards SORN but nothing about if they have made a mistake.

Address as per the letter you got

Telephone Phone:
0870 850 4444

Phone up the DVLA and tell them this. If its not your car they cant fine you.

Write to the DVLA and explain the problem. If you have never owned this car then tell them in the letter. If you have owned it in the past then tell them who you sold it to and when. Make sure you keep it copy of your letter and also send your letter recorded delivery.

Why are you asking us instead of writing to the DVLA (and keeping a photocopy of the letter. ) Follow up the letter with a phone call 5 working days after sending the letter and make a note of the date/time/content of the phone call in your diary or together with the copy of the letter you have sent. If this does not work go to your local CAb office but don't bother going there unless you have to after all writing a letter and making a phone call isn't really that difficult.

you say the car is registered to your house but don't say if it addressed to you by name.
if you did own the car you should have the change of keeper slip, send it back to DVLA. i think the only way you'll ge to the bottom of this is to ring them

im sorry i might not be right but i think it means u have to pay petrol for the car for taking ur test sorry if im wrong im only 15

insurance c
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