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I have lost my tax disc - what do i do?
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I have lost my tax disc - what do i do?

am i able to drive my car....


First thing you need to do is report it to the police . there is a lot of people on here who do not know what they are talking about .! The fact is you can still drive your car as long as you have reported it to the police ! next thing you need to do is go to your nearest dvla office ( you can check the nearest by the web site )take with you your log book / insurance / m.o.t and get a duplicate tax disc .The police already know that your car tax / insured / m.o.t are all upto date as soon as they check out your registration as everything is now logged onto the national vehicle database . and the fact that you have reported it to the police excludes you from prosecution for not displaying a valid tax disc ! People should know their information before posting answers on here !!!!!!!!!!!


This link will tell you what to do

paul J
photocopy one ov ur mates tax discs from there car and us that it wont show up on police cameras as your car is taxed origanaly anyway

Daniel is due 27/3/09
depends where you live i live in the UK and my car is taxed i have to phone the dvla in swansea when i lost mine and go and buy anothor one and they reinburse the cost of the first one


The D.M.V. have you'r records!

brendon g
inform dvla they will issue u a copy

you probably have a mug of coffee on the top of it! they are not coasters you know!!!!

how can you lose you tax disc..it supposed to stay next to the windscreen..you will have to get in touch with the dvla and bo you cannot drive without

not legally, doesn't matter if it's lost or stolen or whatever the reason, you cannot drive without displaying a valid tax disc, and you can guarantee that the first time you do it you'll be stopped. contact dvla with your registration details, they know if you have valid tax and will issue a replacement asap.


my aunt works in tax office. i'm fairly sure you can get another for a small fee (dont worry, not the full price!!) best thing to do would be to drop in and find out.

very soon you will have the whole police force around to arrest you...........you are now a criminal of the worst kind oh dear oh dear woe is me ........woe is me..............

Report to the dvla and if its your first time, they might give you one for free or at a discounted price to paying the whole hog.


Mel C


um best to phone them

Sorry, but you'll need to buy a new one (and take more care of it)

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