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I just rear ended another car. We were pulling into under ground parking, he stopped midway down the ramp...?
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I just rear ended another car. We were pulling into under ground parking, he stopped midway down the ramp...?

I saw he stop and hit my brakes, we were going down a hill and my car slid and hit his. It wasn't hard and there was not visible damage to either of our cars. Am I still 100% at fault?


Ghayel Sher
Yes, you are. You should have followed 2 seconds rule. More so, never trust cars with ABS on them.


Failure to maintain a safe distance. Sorry my friend, it's all on you.


Yes, you are. As far as insurance is concerned. Sorry.

Yes, you are- but if there is no damage does it even matter?

Kathy, Kat
According to the law you are! Sorry to hear about the accident. Hopefully the other person is decent about it.

Nikolas M
Unfortunately you are but hopefully the guy is honest and won't try to cash in on it if there is no visible damage.

Theresa J
Unfortunately - yes - you were following to close.

Martin S
100%. It is your job to stay in control of your vehicle at all times.

you are at fault. let your insurance company know asap

When you hit someone from the rear, it's always your fault.

It stinks but yes you are. I had the same thing happen to me. The car was pulling out onto the highway and just stops! Lucky you are OK.

Most state vehicle laws require drivers to follow at a safe distance and be able to stop for vehicles in front of them. If the driver can’t stop, it is generally assumed that he or she is at fault for causing the accident. However, this doesn’t mean that the rear-ended driver is always fault-free. Drivers whose brake or signal lights are out or those that don’t use signals or make extremely sudden turns or stops (i.e. driving recklessly or negligently) may be partially to blame.

So basically unless the person in front of you had break lights that were out or slammed his breaks so hard you couldn't stop in time then your at fault. Sorry... : (

yes and i am sorry.

Luna & Lawnboy
Yes - you stated you SAW him stop which means you knew he was there. You were following too closely. Sorry, you are 100% at fault for this loss.

louis r
yes,but if no one makes a complaint and there was no visible damage it doesnt matter.

Yes unfortunately you are. Gotta learn to be more cautious buddy. You should never trust other drivers.

yes because they are going to still say you were following to close. MOST of the time the person behind will always be at fault.

Brandon Stewart
The only saving grace you may have, cause rear-ending is always the fault of the rear car, is if the parking lot has no-fault coverage, so you will want to check into that...

Not 100% but mostly. Sorry

Galen B
be more careful. It could have been a mother walking her baby

yeah but your insurance company might help you on this.. jus play it cool with em

1. Gross Account!
not sure

well not yeah, but you were on a hill, i suppose that didn't do alot to help stop you....

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