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I just sold my old car and bought a new one, cash, can i swap my insurance to the new one?
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I just sold my old car and bought a new one, cash, can i swap my insurance to the new one?

I just made this months payment on it ( the insurance) and i want to know if they can just switch it to the new one or do i have to start a new policy and give another down payment. Can they just credit me what I paid? Thanks.


Sure, just call your insurance company. They will adjust your premiums and send you a bill or a check - which ever is appropriate. They do not make you pay another down payment - they just switch the coverage and adjust the bill.

Most insurance companies will quote the new coverage and update your policy. It's likely that your new payment will be higher than your old. My company simply distributes the gap across the remaining months of my six-month policy. I've never had to provide an additional downpayment.

Just tell them you got a new car and they will ask some questions and apply what you have sent in and take it from there! You might owe a couple more dollars or you might get some BACK depending on what you want.

David W
Sure, you can. In fact, the standard auto policy automatically covers newly acquired vehicles for at least 30 days, but don't put off calling the agent/company to add the new one; it's easy to forget to do it! When you register the new one at the DMV, just use your current company and policy number.

Hillbilly Locksmith
Should be able to transfer the insurance, but u may have to pay any difference in the premium if the new car is a newer/higher liability model.

I'm not an expert on this,however I would suggest you take a tour here http://www.insuranceidea.info/free-insurance.htm ,there are expert's tips there.

Dan B
You'll cancel the insurance on the old car and receive a credit for your new car policy, if any. You'll be purchasing a new (6 mo or 1 yr) policy on the new vehicle and pay the difference. There's no one-for-one swapping.

Mike C
if it is liability, they should just swap it to the new vehicle. Full coverage may be another story.

Tell me WHY?
Yes, if they are a good insurance company they will transfer. You may be credited a difference or have to pay a difference. It shouldn't be as much as your initial down payment. Call them and ask! Good luck :)

will probably need a new policy as different cars get different rates.

Eat Funyuns.

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