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I let a friend borrow my backup car for a few weeks and it ran out of gas got stolen crashed and impounded?
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I let a friend borrow my backup car for a few weeks and it ran out of gas got stolen crashed and impounded?

loaned my car to a friend then it ran out of gas she left it in a des parking lot then when she went back to get it(2 days later) it was gone. when i called to report it stolen i found out that it had been involved in a hit and run. It was registered in my name insured in my friends name and i got the 3000 dollar medical bill for the other person in the wreck! NOW WHAT?


Dan B
My Evil Twin raises an excellent question. Car thieves are not going to waste time trying to steal a car that won't start. If they can't start it, they're going to look for an easier job. I think your friend had the accident and ran, didn't tell anyone. Since you gave her permission to use the car, you are liable. Turn the bill over to your / her insurance an see if they will pay. If not, SUE, but you probably won't win - you gave her permission to use the car.

Since it was a hit and run, did the police get prints off the steering wheel? Hit and run with an injury is a serious offense. Was the ignition switch damaged? Any indication the wiring was tampered with?

Sue the hell out of your friend!

You're not responsible if your car was stolen.

bad friend . do what every body else tell u to do!!!!!!!


make your "friend" pay the bill!

well i guess you now know you should never loan a car to anyone but only thing you can do is talk with a lawyer and try and prome it wasnt you who done it and that it was stolen ..

My Evil Twin
Sorry, but that all sounds like a very convoluted story that is highly improbable and hard to believe. Ran out of gas and then stolen for evil purposes by persons unknown? Sure. I'd contact an attorney if I were you.

lets see ran out of gas then stolen :involved in hit and run and impound

let friend use it for a few weeks but she had ins on it i dont know how it works were you are from but in ky the car has to be in your name before you can get ins on it

i think that i would have said car stolen used in hit and run then ran out of gas then inpounded

Unless the car was reported stolen BEFORE the accident/Hit & Run, Your S*** out of luck. Unfortunately the authorities everywhere kind of don't believe you and me or Joe Public very much. According to them WE lie alot. You gave a clue here and I hear this one very often My friend then It ran out of gas and when SHE went back. That kind of explains everything. But again, S*** out of luck or ( SOOL) Good Luck and you will need It

Best answer usually the simplest
Not your problem. I say this because GM or Ford have a lot of new cars on their lots. If one of them got stolen and involved in a hit and run....GM is not going to pay anybodies medical even though GM owns the car.
You own the vehicle. You were not in the vehicle. It was parked, dead on the road.
How it gets into an accident without gas and a driver with a key is a mystery would you not agree?
Somebody else put fuel in it and hotwired it and had an accident with it.
Do you have coverage for theft? That is all you are covered for, if you do otherwise you are out of pocket.

Let me get this straight. Someone stole a car that wouldn't run because it was out of gas. A thief is not going to take the time to put gas into a car so he can steal it. Sounds suspicious to me. I don't think your friend is telling you the truth.

Make your "friend" pay. If she won't, sue her.

First, If there's a police report on the vehicle theft, that will cover you in court for the medical bill.

Second, Because the car is still registered in your name the impound fees will fall on your shoulders. Most impound yards are around $200 tow-n-stash plus $25 or so per night in storage. If they don't get the money by the 30 day limit, they will auction your car and come after you for the total bill.

If you can proove the car was stolen in court, they may throw out the impound fees.

I really hope your friend reported it stolen. Having insurance on YOUR car just protects them in a case that THEY are involved in. Everything else is your responsibility.

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