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I lost my driving license.Now I am in another state help.?
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I lost my driving license.Now I am in another state help.?

hi i moved in from ct to minnesota 6 months before and had the same license now i lost it so what should i do i am so tensed


George A
If you now live in & are a legal resident of MN, then you need to have a MN driver's license. If you lost your CT license, then you should have transferred over to a MN license within 30 days of moving there.

If this is the case, get a MN license.

If you are a college student & still officially a resident of CT, then you will need to contact the DMV in CT to see how you can get a replacement license & tell them that you are currently out of state.

Can you get a CT license? If not, on some of the state DMV websites they allow you to order one online but i'm not sure about Minnesota.

verneita madden
I need a police report from Georgia where I lost my license. I live in Minnesota now ,and they will not issue me one because I lost them in Georgia.Is their a form that I can get from Georgia.I am a victim of Identity Theft.

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