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I made a mistake on the back of my vehicle title when selling it. Do I need a whole new title?
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I made a mistake on the back of my vehicle title when selling it. Do I need a whole new title?

I filled out the seller section and the buyer filled out the buyer section. At the last minute the buyer decided against buying the car. I now have a new buyer. Can I cross out the info and put new info or am I going to have to get a duplicate title? Help I need to sell this car. I am in Wisconsin if that matters. thanks


Most likely you will have to get a new title.

cross outs/white out- voids the title.

Only car dealers can have multiple sales on the back of a title.

So you can't just use the next block on the title.

Talk to your dmv - sometimes they have a form you can fill out rather than get a new title. But it all depends on how the dmv in your state does things.

Sam J

Yes it's o k

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