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I need to get my vehicle registration, inspection, and license plate. In what order should I get these in TX?
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I need to get my vehicle registration, inspection, and license plate. In what order should I get these in TX?

Resident of Ellis County, Texas.


inspection, registration the license plate, you have to in that order

Rebekah F
Go to dmv.org and click on your state and then, get your answers.

inspection, insurance, registration and plate. You have to have insurance to get registration and plates.

registered, first so you can drive it to get it licensed, and then inspected, all cost what order would the goverment go in to get all 3 paid......??

when you register, you get a license plate.. then go get it inspected.. they won't inspect without valid registration or expired tags

1.get insurance
3.license an regs can be got at same place

Brand new vehicle?
The dealership will call you when the plates are ready and it should already have the registration and inspection sticker. And then every 7 years you will get new plates when you renew your registration sticker. Your inspection sticker you renew every year at your local Lube n Go or similar place and your inspection sticker at the tax office. I renew mine online. www.texasonline.com

insurance first you will get a plate when you go to get it registered, then have it inspected, Good luck

I would make sure it will pass 'Inspection' before you spend any more money on it. If it does....then get it registered ( lic. plates come with that )....but you have to show Proof of Insurance....before you can do any of these.

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