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I wrecked my car, I have full cover insurance. Will I get any money?
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I wrecked my car, I have full cover insurance. Will I get any money?

I wrecked my car! I swerved to miss a cat and I hit a tree on my home from school. If I have full coverage insurance...will I get money back? I need to buy another car for transportation...and Im new to all of this...will i be getting money back since I had full coverage or will my full coverage just pay for the towing fee and what not? HELP! :(
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my car is GONE! TOTALED! Its not fixable.


Fred H
You should be covered for the amount of insurance you purchased. Your agent probably asked what you paid for the car and you should receive 'replacement value.'

Your insurance will pay to have the car fixed.

Andy M
I happend to work for a couple different tow companies and know for a fact with full coverage will in fact give you money if the car was paid for if the car was not paid for they will pay the car lot for the car and what is left over will come to you and you can either buy the car back or put a down payment on another car.

*~*~DANI BEAR~*~*
if you have full coverage, they will give you the book value of your car..
So say your car cost $500... They will give you $500, and take your old car..
I'm assuming you totaled it?
Cuz if you just wrecked it and its fixable, they will pay a shop of your choice to fix it..
And in that case you won't get any pocket money..
Yes they will pay for the tow.

if your vehicle WAS totaled then you will get the value of vehicle minus your deductible. if it is not totaled then your insurance carrier will pay for the damages to get your vehicle fixed.

Your insurance will cover whatever needs to be done. If your car isn't totalled then they will cover fixing it. If it's totalled, then they will repay you the value of the vehicle. But they may also raise your insurance premiums cause you are filing a claim.

Recently someone hit me on the freeway and totaled my car. They did not have insurance, a license, and weren't even a citizen! I had full coverage insurance since I was still financing my car. My insurance, paid off my car, and gave me an additional $5000.00

It should work the same way with you, but remember they dont wanna have to shoot out a lot of money, so you have to be tough w/ them!

If your car is not a total, then your insurance company will pay the shop for the repairs minus your deductible. If you have rental car coverage on your policy, then they will pay for a rental car while your car is being repaired.

If your car is a total, then your insurance company will pay you the average retail value of your vehicle minus your deductible. If you owe less on your car than what the check is for then you will make a few dollars. If you owe more on your car than what it is worth, then you will still have to pay the finance company off until the car is paid in full.

There is nothing to be tough about when it comes to this. Most insurance companies go by www.nadaguides.com Look up the average retail value of your car and expect something close to that amount unless you have bad pre-existing conditions.

For example, let's say the average retail value of your car is $10,000, but it is covered in hail damage. The insurance company will write an estimate for what it would have cost to fix the hail damage and deduct that from the value of the vehicle. Same thing goes for any other damage on your car.

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