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If a car title is in my name, but someone else paid for it; can they take the car away from me?
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If a car title is in my name, but someone else paid for it; can they take the car away from me?

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The person who paid for it is my father. He paid with a credit card. There was no agreement that I had to pay him back, but now he wants the car from me because he's fighting with my mom (they are divorced).


Valerie P
Check with your State's Department of Motor Vehicles but in general if you are listed as the only owner and it is a "clear" title (no liens, no co-owners) then the car is legally yours. Some states are stringent about this (Texas) and others are pretty relaxed (California was for a long time?). *Other responders feel free to correct me. I am curious.

I agree with the person who talked about doing the right thing. If the man is taking it back to be mean then that's a different story. He does have a financial interest in the vehicle that make things a little sticky.

Good Luck. Things will work out. They always do!

who is it
you are the legal owner but if you owe money they can take you to court
they cant just take it but they could win it in a settlement
the best thing to do is pay the money you owe them for it or transfer the title to them until you can pay it off the right thing to do

Kenneth S
they can not just take it...there is a procedure...but if you owe them let them have it,,,it's the right thing to do.

Title may be in your name, but the other party may be able to, if they haven't already, put a lien on the title. If there is a contract that states you owe them money, then they can definitely take it from you.

No unless their is a contractual agreement between the two of you, r u talking about ure parents if so follow their wishes. either way unless the other party is being vengeful u may wish to forgo the car rather that a relationship stuff is replaceable, people are not!

Only if you were supposed to pay them back and you didn't, they may be able to take you to court and sue you. But generally, no, possession 9/10 of law.

irene k
I guess they'll have to prove that they paid for it first. Was this a car bought by them for you as a gift? How did they pay for it? It looks like they should have to take you to court to get the title. Did they buy from you? More info , please!

This is more a question of conscience. Dad
did pay for the car. I cant seem to give an answer in good conscience. I have no idea if he didn't expect you would pay eventually. You have to decide for your own peace of mind. good luck.

Thomas E
Who is "they".

No they can't. It is legally yours! (Your name is on the title)

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