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If i drive someone elses car with permission and wreck it whos insurance pays?
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If i drive someone elses car with permission and wreck it whos insurance pays?


To those of you insisting the driver's insurance will cover it, please talk to your agent and find out the truth, and quit spreading misinformation. Again, pay attention now....insurance follows the vehicle, not the driver. That's why there is a make, year, model and VIN on your insurance card, to show what CAR, not what driver, is covered. If you are driving someones vehicle, with permission, you are under the insurance for that vehicle, not your own insurance policy for your car.

If you have an at fault accident, the insurance in force on the car will pay for damages to other property. If you aren't at fault, then the owner of the vehicle you borrowed -- not you -- gets to collect damages from the other insurance company.

If the vehicle is stolen, and reported stolen before the accident that would be a different story of course.

remind me NOT to let anyone named stanley borrow the car.

patti duke
The insurance is on the vehicle not the driver so the owner of the car will be on the hook for coverage. Their premiums will also be the one affected.

Insurance follows the CAR not the driver. If the car has collision coverage then that is the insurance company that will pay (hopefully).

Depends who caused the crash, if it is you then your friends insurance would pay if you are covered.

It depends on 1) the state you live in and 2) the type of auto policy you have and 3) the type of auto policy the car has.

Most states "rule" is THE INSURANCE FOLLOWS THE CAR. There are a few states however, where insurance follows the DRIVER. Which one are you?

If you're in a state where the insurance follows the car, the PRIMARY insurance is the one that currently insures the vehicle, the actual drivers insurance would be SECONDARY.

If coverage is denied for whatever reason by the primary carrier, then the insurance of the DRIVER will become PRIMARY. (This applies for ALL COVERAGES, collision/liability, medpay, liability.)

If your're in a state where the insurance follows the driver, then the driver's insurance carrier is PRIMARY.

To be honest it completely depends on the state in which the accident happened. Most states say that the insurance follows the car, but not all states hold this law of liability. It is also up to the owner of the vehicle, they can chose to file the claim or to let you file the claim under your insurance, however depending on how bad the accident was, both may have to pay out as well.

Your insurance, you wrecked it.

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