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If i have points on my licence and insurance company dont know, and have a crash will they pay out?
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If i have points on my licence and insurance company dont know, and have a crash will they pay out?

Additional Details
its 5 points for speeding last april. crash was 2 weeks ago and total write off no other drivers involved. slid on black ice and hit a wall.


Ansell A
Depends entirely on the insurance company and what the points are for.

You should declare any convictions as soon as received or there is the possibility you insurance would be invalid.


No they wont

No. Most insurance companies when quoting ask for accidents or penalties on licence. If you dont give the correct information to the company and then you have an accident, they do not have to pay out as you are in breach of contract. Legally they dont have to fulfill theirs to you. (ie pay out)

If you give incorrect information they have a reason NOT TO PAY. In essence you are not only being misleading , you could also be accused of fraud. (Taking/paying a lower premium you are not entitled to).
An insured company may already be able to electrically find out if you have a clean licence or not, so be careful. Sorry if this all sounds a bit glum. It would be best to own up in the first place - pay any extra and be secure in the future.

No, not declaring something that may materially affect an insurance policy is fraud. The insurance company would have no duty to pay out on a fraudulently obtained policy and may also have a case to prosecute you depending on the severity of the fraud.

So you might be able to get away with a single speeding offence that you 'forgot' to declare as this may not have affected the policy anyway, but 11 points for dangerous driving or a previous drunk driving conviction might have meant that they wouldn't have insured you at all and that might lead to you being prosecuted and they certainly wouldn't pay out.

Matt M
They probably wont pay out. Basically, they will have the right to void your insurance cover (and keep all your money) and possibly even prosecute you for fraud.

Considering it's not in their interest to pay out on claims they will do everything they can to avoid paying.

You're also technically breaking the law, since you must have a VALID insurance policy covering the driver and the car in the case of a collision. Undeclared points invalidates your insurance and therefore can be deemed fraudulent.

You should call your broker straight away and inform them of any changes to the conditions of your insurance.

you have to inform your insurance company of any changes to your licence if you have points on your licence your insurance policy would go up, so basicly if you havnt informed them then no they wont pay out,

Actually it can because in your fine print they do tell you that you have to inform them of any changes and if you put in a claim and they find out, they can and sometimes do say that you withheld information and therefore the insurance is no longer valid.

I know it's silly but in this day and age, many more people will be making claims whereas before they wouldn't have so the insurance companies are now being more thorough during their investigation and refusing payment where possible.

My mate gained a couple of points on his licence and failed to inform them despite being told to by his wife to and sure enough, when he had to make a claim they discovered his points and withdrew the insurance. So not only did he have to pay for the repairs to both cars but he was also done for driving with no insurance by the Police Officer who was investigating the incident.

Some companies don't want to know but call them and let them know, then if they do want to know you've informed them and if they don't want to know, you've lost nothing.

This happened to me. My insurance company at first said that they wouldnt pay out as it states in the policy that you have to notify them of any changes.
After much discussion they said they would pay out if I paid them the amount that my insurance would have gone up had I told them about the points.

Your insurance is invalid.

I would have thought your insurance was nil and void as you have given them false information.

Part of your contract with them is that you advise them of this, so you have broken the contract and they are therefore entitled to consider your insurance void. Whether they do or not is up to them

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Having points on a license has nothing to do with an insurance payout. If you have a policy and have not been canceled, you have coverage. Get too many points and the insurance may cancel you though

i dont think points on ur licence will efftect a pay out

how far back can insurance companys go to see for convictions on your licence ie 3 or 5 years

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