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If i hit a car in a car park can the other person make me pay for the damage?
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If i hit a car in a car park can the other person make me pay for the damage?


Citizen DeCat
You should pay, if it was your fault, be it personally or through your insurance company (depending on your level of cover).

It's the decent thing to do.

Errr ..... Yes! You could also get done for leaving the scene of an accident if you failed to stop and give your details to the other party ....... even with a static vehicle!

What makes you think you wouldn't have to pay for the damage?

If someone came into your house and smashed it up what would you do?

Of course. IF it was your fault. Good luck. Pops

Well yes, if they can catch you. I can't tell you how many times I have been hit in carparks, on the street I park on and various other places. My van is like a sculpture ... but at least no one wants to nick it!

Oh, it's illegal not to admit to causing damage if it was in a public place. Private land is different.

spidoing n
yes duh

Yes: why would you think otherwise?

There is usually no jurisdiction in a parking lot.. meaning the police can't enforce or make comment on the damage done.

But you did hit the car, .... Karma ... pay for what you did.

Of course, why wouldn't you pay for something you did, I bet you`d expect them to pay if they hit your car!!!

you are liable for the damages depending on who is in the wrong.

Erm, let's think again! YES...you caused the damage....you pay or were you one of these people who hoped nobody saw you and move quickly to another bay? A lot of car parks have cameras now and could therefore show you're at fault!

Yes he can, if there was any damage. However be cautious
since some folk will take the opportunity to say that you did
some damage that was already there. Check it out.

Ian G
They cannot go through your insurance as a car park is private property and not a public highway, however they can file for a civil damages claim from you and make you pay yourself for the damage caused plus costs etc. check with you insurance that you have legal cover as you will need it

yes of course because it is still their car and u hit it.

Cliff E
if they didnt see it ..... drive away fast !

Of course they can its criminal damage.

depends on if they seen you do it

Just go through the insurance

yes, you would be at fault

louby loo

Mr Sceptic
Yes, they might have to go to court to enforce it, but then you'll be hit with their costs and the court costs too.

If it was your fault, just pay up and stop looking for loopholes.

yes,if you left the scene the police would class this as a hit n run incident,so you can put the accident on your insurance and lose no claims or pay up without involving insurance

yes, i don't believe you even asked this question, if i hit your car n the car park, who would you expect to pay?????????????


yes he can, if you hit him, it's your fault. if you fail to pay or disclose insurance details, he can take you to a small claims court and sue you for damages.

Assuming that the car park is not subject to the road traffic act and therefor also not a public highway (most aren't) then your (and the other persons') insurance may not apply. They may have to resort to a claim through the courts. However, if you hit their car doesn't the moral obligation apply?

yes and no because your not on the public highway and on private land you don't have to claim on your insurance.so its not like on the highway just a motoring thing.but is could be classed as criminal damage to their property which you could be arrested for and made to pay and fined. or the other party could take you to a small claims court to recover damages.so do the right thing if its your fault and pay for what you've done you could end up a lot worse off.

yes sure you do

I have been hit twice in a car park and not been left name & address...........Now I take the Reg number of the car in front and each side. also the make and colour, so it happens again my insurance .company gets all the owners numbers

YES !!!!!! but this person, parked in the middle of the car park behind me, and not in a parking bay. THIS is not a park stop....... THAT'S so people who park in a bay can get out.....

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