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If i hit a car in front of me at a stop because a car behind me hits me who is liable for it?
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If i hit a car in front of me at a stop because a car behind me hits me who is liable for it?


uncle cyril
If you had maitained 5 feet distance with the car before you and then due to impact from behind your car has hit the front car you are not at fault. The total blame goes on the third car which hit your car and the impact hit the first car. Generally if the distance is maintained there will be less chances of three cars getting into accident. It so happens that we drive very close to each other and suddenly due to sudden discision taken by the front car to stop give no time for third car to realise that the first car has stopped so he should jam brake. In the confusion he hit the 2nd. car. And we all pounce on him.

car who hit u, right. u were at a stop, so it wasnt ur fault, it was the car behind u.

Norman O
If you were at a full stop, the car that hit you is totally at fault. MAKE CERTAIN THAT YOU GET A POLICE REPORT AT THE SCENE.

the car that hit you in the rear

Luna & Lawnboy
If you were stopped, and pushed into the vehicle in front of you because you were rear ended, the person in back of you will be liable for all of the damage to both vehicles. However, if the person in front of you claims they felt two impacts both you and the person in back of you will likely be found equally negligent. Both liability policies will pay their proportionate share.

Report the claim, and let the insurance adjuster assess/determine liability. If there is more damage to the front of your vehicle than the rear, it will likely be determined you rear ended the vehicle in front of you first.

The driver that hit you is liable for the damage to your car. You are liable for the driver you hit.

If you were at a stop and can prove that the impact by you getting hit from the back, caused you to hit the car in front, then you should be okay. But this can be difficult, unless there is a police report stating such.
Commonly, if you hit someone in front of you you are always at fault.

The front car drivers insurance will claim off your insurance. Then your insurance will claim all the damage off the driver who hit you whose insurance will pay for the lot.
Word of advice. if you are every in an accident where the other driver may try to blame you then always hold your neck and say you have been injured. The police HAVE to attend an accident where someone has been injured and they will check every-ones details etc. So the other driver can't get out of it.

You are

The Positronic Pimp
Word of advice: Your Insurance Company will always try to weasel their way out of paying you. Always.

John K
plain and simple-

the car behind you is liable for damage to the rear of your car

you are responsible to the damage to the rear of the car in front of you

leave more space between bumpers next time

I was hit from the bcak and hit the car in front of me we both seen each other stopping but the guy in the back of me said he did not see no one stopping and he ran into me my car was on the top of his car, he pushed me into the other car causing me to hit her. what can i do? oh we both got a ticket for following to close but i was not to close .

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