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If my husband owns our car and he dies will it automatically go to me? We still owe $ on it?
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If my husband owns our car and he dies will it automatically go to me? We still owe $ on it?


St♥rmy Skye
Yes, it will be yours, but if not paid off, you will still owe $ on it.

Did you get CREDIT LIFE insurance on him?

If yes, the car may be paid off in the event of his death. Sometimes this insurance pays if you are disabled and not able to work.

Had it on a loan long ago and it paid our payments for a year while my back was messed up.

The normal first statement of a will is "All assets go to my wife if she is still living at the time of my death" so unless he has modified that to "And my car goes to Nephew George Smith, who asked me for it several times" it becomes yours. The next statement will be "I direct all legitimate debts, public and private be paid from the assets of the estate" which means you will have the pleasure of paying for it even if George gets it.

it will NOT automatically go to you.
even if it is willed to you, it will still change hands to "the estate of..." until the will is executed.

as to whether you owe money or it or not will depend on whether you got life insurance on the loan.

Snickle Beast
Yup. The debt becomes yours usually.

Doug H
Only if he has Credit Life insurance on the car.

well, you'd have to make the payments of it would go back to the bank.

Does your husband have a will? Thats the deciding factor. Is there a death benefit on the car loan? This would be something you should discuss with the loan company. When I worked for the repo man, we took many cars from wives who thought the car would be theirs. Call the loan company to verify.

damn, why are you thinking about your husband's death???

Should we watch for your story on Forensic Files?

Isabella T
Oh God! What a question.

Country Boy
If he purchased it with a tiny insurance policy at the time of purchase with the lending institution it's yours scott free!

You will get stuck with the payments, yes. However, there is insurance that you can purchase normally at the dealership that will protect you from this. These are some of the ones available, but not offered in all states:

Credit Life and Disability Insurance will help you manage financial obligations in the event of illness, disability or death. This insurance is low cost, available with most of our loan products and best of all will give you peace of mind.

Funeral benefits coverage is sometimes a part of your auto insurance policy's Personal Injury Protection or First Party Benefits plans. If a covered individual dies from accident-related injuries, this auto insurance coverage pays for a portion of funeral expenses, regardless of who is at fault in an accident.

Covered costs are subject to the limits you choose when you buy your auto insurance policy.

If your in his will not only will the car be yours but, so will the bill.

Nope, if no disability insurance was taken out on the car, his estate will become responsible for payments, otherwise, you can still pay on it and keep......but you're still not considered the owner legally, and the bank can repo if not paid.

DJ Unknown
Yes it will go automatically to you and if you have payments or something like that, then you would still need to pay it off.

It would go to you and you would have to pay on it. That is why you need to get life insurance. However much debt that you have, that is how much you should have in life insurance.

You want that car real bad huh?


If I say yes are you going to kill him?

I have 32 characters 2 work with
It goes to whoever is in his will, and they still owe money

it should go to you, however, when i bought a car in january, i was only going to put my name on the title, but the car dealer said that if i were to die and my hubby wasn't on the title as well, it would have to go to probate court and it could take months before he got it. i would make sure that it's in the will!

Maegan G
You can sell it or something if he dies, but unless he has something about it in his will, it will go to you.

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