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If someone but a dent in your car and won't claim responsibility what do you do?
Find answers to your legal question.

If someone but a dent in your car and won't claim responsibility what do you do?

We took pictures and is sure that she did it..
Additional Details
Her paint is on our car and our paint is on her car.


He said / she said. Sorry... without a witness you are spinning your wheels. A picture? What of... your damage or a picture of her doing it?

Unless you caught her in the act and your picture is of her doing it, then you have nothing.

Tonya A
Ask your car insurance agent.

Without a witness or solid evidence, it's your word against hers which won't go anywhere.

If you or someone else is a witness, file a police report and a claim with your insurance company, unless she has auto insurance and hit your car with a vehicle.

If it's small you can have it fixed without a claim, but if it's big let that person know you believe they did it, file a claim, and have it investigated for paint, or method of dent to tie to that person. Really ugly second choice tho :( You should have some sort of definite proof they did it or you can't really blame them.

Not much. Contact the cops and notify them of the incident. If nobody witnessed her doing it you haven't got much of a case.

So, if someone but a dent? I"m gonna have to say dont

If you know who it is you can take them to small claims court.

If you do not know who it is you can get your insurance to pay for it, but chances are you'll have to pay a deductible and be required to go to a body shop your company suggests.

Alternative: Find your own body shop and don't go through insurance, it'll save $$$.

Service her with process pursuant to Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 4(k)(1)(a).

you really think the fact that both of your cars have a scrape the color of the other car is enough evidence to make them pay?

Please.. your in for a surprise.

Wounded Duck
Not a thing without PROOF!

Step 1. Get an estimate of getting it fixed.
Step 2. "Your paint is on my car, mine is on yours. Unless you pay me $XXX.XX to get it fixed, I'm going to the insurance and have them handle it."
Step 3. If you don't get the money, go to your insurance company and file a claim.

Justin T
If your insurance won't cover it as a hit n run then u may be SOL. You sould always report it to the police first to get it noted...

you sue them

Jimmy the Peace Keeper!
If he is claiming that he did not put a dent on his car.
Get the police involved.
Check that mans car and see if he has a dent on his car if he does tell the police.
Get it to court and the man will pay you much more ( cost of repair) because you took it to court.

Lover not a Fighter
Sure like "Bush was sure"

or sure like in "you got video evidence"?

Good Luck.

check out the other persons car to see if there's any evidence, like scratches or signs of repair.
take pics of that too.

Donnie Mac
If you have physical proof and/or witnesses, not just speculation or rumors, take her to Small Claims Court.
Attorneys are not allowed, just you, her and the evidence in front of the judge.

georgina m
maybe get sum witnesses and get professional advise on wat to do next

You can file a police report, but the best bet is to go tou you insurance. They will usually file it under uninsured motorist and may do their own investigation of who is to blame.
I had this happen to me and they were great. It did NOT raise my rates.

Serena Van der Woodsen
omg some scum did the same thing to my moms car they dented it and left without putting a note or anything but idk sorry um try and get the police to get evidence im not to sure sorry i know i didnt help so sorry

Pretty P
Call the police and make a police report, and ask anyone near if they saw someone dent it.

My goodness, the same thing happened to me when my boyfriends ex keyed my car. I had no proof but i KNEW it was her. I whooped her *** and when we went to court had my lawyer dismiss the trial so i whooped her *** and got away with it just like she keyed my car and got away with it. But.......as far as the car goes, there isn't much you can do without a few witnesses and pics of her actually doing it.

michael w
I would put an even bigger dent in his face !! Just noticed it was a her so do to her car with your foot.

I dent their car when no one else is looking. But that's just me.

nadia n
why not forgive and forget?
you only harm yourself with negative thoughts.
it is only a car you know.
good luck in the future.

put one in theirs

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