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If you are married, do you have to cover your spouse on your car insurance?
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If you are married, do you have to cover your spouse on your car insurance?

My husband is covered as a driver under his company and drives his company truck everywhere. He NEVER drives my car, but the insurance company says he has to be listed because he's my spouse. Is this true? I have a perfect driving record, but my husband not so hot, so our policy is ridiculously high.


Laci N
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You can have them put an exclusion on him for your policy. That way he isn't covered by the policy and you don't have to pay for him.

Kristiane-Cubical ninja
They have a form you can sign that states he will NEVER drive your vehicle. Understand though you are totally liable if he does.
Personally, we are on each others just in case.

Scott H
Yes. Otherwise you may be able to exclude him, but he can never drive the car because he won't be insured.

Bryce K
This varies from state to state. In CA you do not have to have to carry coverage on him (as a driver for your car), but if he gets in an accident, he will not be covered and you will be personally liable for any damage.
This might,however, be an issue if he does not have his own car, and the only vehicle in the household is yours. The company he works for or any company truck is not relevent to your personal insurance issue. That is that company's liability issue.
I would suggest getting an old car for him, and listing him as the primary driver on that vehicle. Run that idea by your insurance agent.

Scuba Steve JW
If you live with him and he has a driver's license and IF the insurance company says so, then the answer is yes.

It is possible that the laws, regulations or insurance company rules may vary from state to state and from one insurance company to another.

timothy p
insurance usually requires all licensed drivers in a household to be listed as potential drivers.

George A
All licensed drivers that live in the same household is required by law (in most states) to be listed on the auto insurance policy for the household- BUT!

You should be able to include him as an EXCLUDED driver on your policy. That is telling your insurance that he is NOT authorized to drive ANY vehicle, for any reason, that is insured under your policy & will not drive any vehicles you have insured for any reason..

That law may vary from state to state, but I believe that most states do have that option available to the policy holders. And hopefully, it will reduce your premiums some if you can add him as an excluded driver.

Yes its true , it under the assumption that anybody living in the household with a drivers license can and will one day drive your car, they are only trying to protect you, and it doesn't affect your premiums, so there's no harm..............Red

Commercial insurance doesn't work that way.

On a commercial policy, if he doesn't have a special coverage called "drive other car" coverage (which is NOT automatic, and NOT built in, and NOT available with all companies), HE is not covered. If he rents a car or borrows a car, he is not covered.

Yes, on a personal auto policy, your spouse must either be a listed driver, OR, completely excluded from coverage. Most insurance companies won't agree to exclude a spouse, as in my experience, the spouses still drive the cars. Especially the men. They don't want their wives driving them, it's a macho thing.

Yes it is wise to do so. Something may come up and he may need your car for something. Since you are legally married to him, you have to cover him under your insurance, but you can list him as a part time driver and how many miles he drives your car. And you can explain to them that he drives his company vehicle. Sorry his history makes your insurance go up. Hopefully in time he will accumulate a good driving record and your insurance will go down.

if your husband was driving your car and got into a accident you would not be covered. Thats all it means.

the only time your spouse does not need to be covered on your insurance is when your spouse does not know how to drive.

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