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If you have Fully Comprehensive car insurance, can you drive any car?
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If you have Fully Comprehensive car insurance, can you drive any car?

If you are fully comp, does that mean you are allowed to drive anyone's car? If so, could I get insured on a crap car for cheap at fully comp and then drive my parents BMW and still be covered if I crashed it?


Read the small print on your insurance policy. It will only be covered "3rd party only" IF it allows you to drive any other car.

It depends on your policy and if the car that you are driving is insured. I'm not sure but i think you are only covered for third party if it isnt your car.

most fully comprehensive car insurance will cover you for third party only on another car and that must also be insured.it must state on your policy though that you can drive another car as not all insurance companies do it,so before you take a policy out ask them first if you can drive another vehicle.you may be better off going as a name driver on your parents policy as then if you do damage their car it will be covered fully comp and not just third party.

Not necessarily, depends on your policy.

When you have fully comprehensive insurance on your car, you normally get third party insurance on most other vehicles you drive.

This means, when you smash your parents car, whatever you hit is covered by insurance but you, and Dad's car, aren't.

Only if it stats on your policy, and if the you have permission of course from the owner, it does not cover if the other car is on finance. You are only insured third party though, so I would not recommend it smashing it up.

big mama
If you are fully comprehensive you are only insured third party for driving any other car. That means if you cause an accident your insurance company will only pay for damage to any other vehicle but not your vehicle.

um, no. Nice try. You get insurance for a specific car.. and you will have comprehensive coverage on that car only. (btw... comprehensive coverage doesnt even cover accidents... comprehesive covers things such as fires/thefts/vandalism/damage from storms.) yikes.. you got some learning to do! may wanna contact an agent and have them explain car insurance!

generally you would only be covered third party insurance whilst driving their car, the comprehensive part of your insurance would only be valid for the car that is insured. But you can drive any car - wish their permission.

Not necessarily

Fully comp does not automatically entitle you to drive other cars

So in answer to the second part of your question no to that as well

Check your policy and certificate of insurance. I am full comp and I cannot drive another car, it says on the certificate on the bottom - I'm 24

The Fat Controller
yes and no. yes you can drive any car but only with 3rd party cover so you will not be covered for theft or damage to your parents car, unless you ask for a specific policy to allow you to be covered for this

If you check the terms of your policy you will find that you are insured fully comp. on the vehicle you own but only third party basic on any other vehicle you drive. It is important to read the terms and conditions of your insurance policy. Good luck.

Kat G
No, Comprehensive means the car that is insured for fire, and theft coverage less the deductible. This has nothing to do with you being covered to drive any other car.

tony m
it sounds to good to be true doesn't it, and it is! with your fully comprehensive insurance policy, you will get only third party cover for most other cars, NOT ALL CARS, they don't want you charging around all over the place in a Ferrari or a Lambourghini, or even your parents Beamer do they, so be careful, you could end up in an aweful financial mess. ALWAYS inform your insurance company, and remember they tell you that you may drive anoher car with the owners consent, so make sure the other cars owner has fully comprehensive insurance too. I hope this helps you out...............Tony M

NO. Insurance follows the CAR, not the driver. The only way your policy would extend to your parents Bimmer would be if it had no coverage at all. Then your policy would take effect -- providing your company didn't discover you were a regular driver of said car and comitted fraud with your little game. Then that 2007 Benz you just slammed into and injuried three passengers would NOT be covered at all.
P.S. -- comprehensive coverage (in the U.S.) is just a small segment of an insurance policy and only covers theft, fire, flood, etc.

First off I don't think your parents would appreciate you smashing up their vehicle. Secondly if you were to smash up their vehicle and you were at fault for the accident, then their policy would pay for the damages to their vehicle (assuming they have Collision coverage) and their rates would increase. The collision coverage on your policy cannot be used to pay for the damage you cause to another vehicle you are borrowing.

Nick K
I live in Texas and my car is under my dads name and they still linked my policy price to the most expensive car being mine and not my moms honda accord(the cheapest) which im fully covered to drive. So to be fully covered on your parents bmw they would probably link your coverage cost to that car and your parents would get the lower price on the junker you just bought

Yes, providing there is insurance on your parent's BMW and you are driving with permission, THEIR insurance will cover it, not yours. Insurance goes with the car, not the driver.

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