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If you have a co signer for your car if something happens can they take the car from you?
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If you have a co signer for your car if something happens can they take the car from you?

Additional Details
if it was you fiance and we split up can he take the car from me???


He cannot take the car from you if you are making the payments unless the car is in his name. If it is, you will have to prove that the car was for you and he is only fighting to take it back because of the break up. Check with the finance company if you can change the car over into your name if he allows you to. This only pertains if the car is not in your name now.

The co-signer could take you to civil court if you default on payments, but otherwise the co-signer MUST pay if you default.

If you continue to pay for the car, there should be no problem. Who's name is on the registration? That person is the legal owner of the vehicle.


Sell the car if you feel that you are going to default on your payments. Is it worth messing up a friendship or relationship with a relative for a car???

Assuming that the title is in your name first. As long as you are making payments, your ex fiance can not legally take the car.

If you miss a payment they look to the co-signer to pay. The co-signer is guaranteeing the loan payment. If neither one of you can come up with the money, you and the co-signer are screwed.

Dirty D
Not unless you were to default on your payments. Although in this case if he can't pay either you both get penalized. This very reason is why I won't co-sign for anything.

If you own the car, and you had to get a co-signer to obtain financing then you are responsible for all payments. If you do not make the payments then the financing institution goes after the co-signer and YES they can get the car, make the payments or sell it for payments. This is so they can protect their credit rating.

If you default, and the co signer defaults, then the car gets repossessed.

Mopar Muscle Gal
the co signer would be responsible for the payments if you couldnt

Vulcan 1
they only guaranteed the loan
They didn't sign to buy the car
They; I believe would need a court order to get the car legally.
If the bank repos the car than they can tell the bank they want the car and can catch the payments up and keep it without the courts.
Ask ur local bank and they can tell u the law.

yes because their name is on the loan to and if you can't pay for it that ruin their credit to. So they could take it from you and they will have to pay for it.

If you have a co-signer on your car -

Yes, they can take the car, if you have not made the payments. Just breaking up does not give the co-signer the right to take your car. You must default on the contract, relationships aside.

If you are making the payments and all just fine then you can sue him/her for taking the car.

Oh buddy.. you just DON'T KNOW! LOL..

OF COURSE they can take the car from you, and they will!

If you stop making payments, guess who the Lien Holder is going to go after? The primary signer of the loan!

If they do not make payments for you (if you default) their credit is on the line and there is NOTHING worse on your credit (short of a home foreclosure) that looks worse than a car repo.

So in short.. the answer is YES, they WILL take the car from you.

Yes, and you will BOTH get bad credit on your credit report.

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