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If your drivers license is suspended in one state, can you get a different one if you move to another state?
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If your drivers license is suspended in one state, can you get a different one if you move to another state?


No that is called fraud.

If your license is suspended, it is suspended in all states. You won't have a valid license to turn in to have a new one issued. If you lie, and say you have never had a license, you will be required to show identification establishing your identity. When they run that, your suspension will show up. And then they might charge you with fraud. Move or not, you will have to do whatever you need to do to get your license back before you can drive.

mister ss
your reputation will follow you.

Chris J
no you cant. its on your record. & if u get caught its jail time and a lot of fines & u'll never get ur linces back.


Fred C
The person that told you we do it in Canada is talking through his hat. I issue driver licences as part of my job. If you claim you never had a licence and start over as a beginner, you will be committing an offence, and will be caught when the id unit, the department that checks the background of every applicant, pulls your file. There are a few states that apparently aren't fully reciprocal, but you will still have to lie on the application, and will, at some point in time, be caught. If a person is such a lousy driver the licence is suspended, they should not be driving on any road, anywhere, period.

I'm sure that all states require you to surrender a *valid* drivers license from your old state when you apply for a new license in the new state.

You need to direct that question to the specific state you are moving to.

No, all states share information. You will need to clear the problems in the other state, and receive a clearance letter allowing you to apply for a new license.

The Cythian
It all depends on whether or not your state has a reciprocal agreement with the other state. Most do nowadays.

No, because the states share databases.

Used to you could but no any more. The DMV sends a renewal card u have to take tothe office with you. And you're not going to have that if ur license is suspended so they will run a check and even in another state it will show up on their computer ur driving license has been suspended.

Yes, my friend got 3 dwi lost his CDL, went to Arizona and got one, but cant drive in Kansas

Alyson McLaren
I'm pretty sure you can, I live in Canada and if someone has a suspended license in one province, they just start from scratch and get a new one in a different province....but again, not 100% sure about the states.

diva doll
From what other people have told me, you can get a new license in another state. But make sure that they don't check your dmv record.

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