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Is It legal to have insurance back dated?
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Is It legal to have insurance back dated?

I was recently pulled over and was ticketed for driving w/o insurance. Because it had lapsed, now the state wants a copy from the ins. co. stating I was covered at the time. Having no coverage is frowned upon big time so I'm not sure as to if there's a legal way out. Any help would be appreciated.


Here's some sound advice...don't even think about forging or back dating your insurance card. Your agent won't do it for you, as it's illegal in all 50 states. If caught doing it yourself, you are looking at fines and/or potential jail time. You can go to court and say your coverage lapsed "by mistake" and ask for leniency...(be sure to show them that you are insured again!)...that's as far as you can take it though. If the judge doesn't buy it, you'll just have to pay your fine and take your medicine. It's not the answer you seek, but it's the correct answer.

Cali W
listen to answerman63....it is sound advise if you don't want to get thrown in jail for forgery and misleading the court system!

No! And no insurance company worth their salt would do it for you. A trucking company in Connecticut tried to do that after having a major accident with four fatalities last year and the guy who owned the company is now in serious ****!

It is illegal to get coverage back-dated. You're screwed. You'll probably pay big $$ in fines, and get a few points on your motor vehicle record.

In the future, please drive with insurance. It's legally mandatory b/c bodily injury and property damage resulting from auto accidents become the financial burden of the victims when there is no insurance to "make things right again."

Trust me, there is no legal way out. If you or your insurance agent were to falsely sign that you had insurance on that date, you both could be prosecuted by the state.
You will be suspended for probably (90) days for not having insurance. Sorry!

good guy
it happened to me and alot of other people....forging it would only leadto more charges if caught.....

No, it absolutely is NOT legal to back-date your auto insurance policy. Any agent would know this and know his liability and would refuse to do it, anyway.

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