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Is a car that I previously owed still mine if the buyer didn't change the title information?
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Is a car that I previously owed still mine if the buyer didn't change the title information?

Just recently got a renewal form for a car that i got rid of a LONG time ago...it's still in my name. Does this mean i can still legally get it back? There aren't even proffs of it being bought from me. PLEASE HELP!


the bad seed
if you were paid for it ..it is no longer your car

Fred C
If the person paid you for the car, and has a bill of sale, no you cannot get it back. A surprising number of people buy vehicles and do not establish legal ownership because they aren't driving it yet, but a bill of sale shows they bought it. What renewal did you get? Insurance? Cancel it. Registration? Cancel it.

to my knowledge if the other party signed the title along with your signature as you being the seller no you cant get it back since you signed a legal document bearing witness to your sale with your signature. pretty hard to beat in a court of law however your state migh have a time limit (statue) concerning the amount of time somebody has to transfer that title.
call your motor vechicle agancy and ask.

No, but it does mean, if that person gets in a wreck, you'll be sued as the registered owner of record. Anything bad that can happen, you will be charged and held responsible. When you sold the car, you should have filed a Seller's Report, this would save you from litigation. By just saying there is no proof of sale, doesn't hold up in court. You cannot legally get it back, why not be responsible and hold up your end of the deal, if you don't,lawsuits could be served on you at any time, wages can be garnished for not paying fines, fees, or liens for this vehicle. You'll spend more time trying to prove you did sell it, if any of these come your way. And it can happen, you are still by law, the registered owner. Oh another thing, what happens if this car is involved in a robbery, and they ditch it somewhere, guess who'll need to explain where they were, and prove you had nothing to do with it. You better start protecting yourself, apparently the buyer doesn't care if they can purchase tabs or not, they will drive without them. And the car, impounded, who gets to pay the costs, you.

Pedro S
no the title is what makes ownership...registration is nothing...if its still registered in your name look out...you could be sued in an accident

Meria S
If the buyer didn't do a title transfer it is still legally yours in most states. All the responsibilities too. Go to this web site and then your state for information on registration and titling.


I Think so if he never changed the title over that depends on your states laws I'd ask a lawyer he'd know more then I would

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