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Is car insurance denied if involved in accident while driving with a expired driver's license?
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Is car insurance denied if involved in accident while driving with a expired driver's license?

My wife just noticed her driver's license has expired. She has aready renewed it over the web but the new DL will only arrive in 15 to 20 days. As she needs to drive before the new DL arrives, what happens in case of an accident? Will or can the insurance company deny any claims based on the expired driver's license? We live in Houston, TX.


Since she renewed over the web, the last step should have been a printable form that shows her renewal, which when carried with her license would cover it. Did she print that form?

Mr. Smartypants
if she has renewed it and paid the fee, then technically she does no longer have an expired license. however, she can be ticketed for not having her drivers license with her. almost the same as an insurance card. even though you are insured, you must carry the card with you at all times behind the wheel. as long as your insurance premium is paid to date and she is just simply waiting for the new license to arrive via usps, then they have no grounds to deny a claim. then again, if she is ticketed for not having a valid drivers license on her person at the time of an accident, she can be ticketed by the authorities and the insurance carrier can raise your rates because of that. good luck. my advice, don't drive without proper identification and insurance. protecting yourself for one, and everyone else around you.

Don't worry about it. It's the vehicle that's insured. You should have gotten a confirmation number after the online application was accepted. That will be helpful in proving to the police that she is licensed, should that be necessary, but insurance won't be a problem.

If she is stopped, the police would find out it has been renewed through the computer system. It should be no problem.

Queen B
She is covered...don't worry. Once she renewed with DMV online, it shows up online if the company runs her record for some reason.

Scott H
She is taking a huge chance. Yes, they can deny the claim. Yes, she can be cited for driving without a license. Where I live, that alone would get your car impounded for 30 days. It's not worth it. She should not drive until she has a valid license.

As long as she's a listed operator on the policy, the actual license doesn't matter. The insurance company will cover it.

I have seen this before and she will be covered but what I tell my customers is to print the renewal form that she filled out for her protection in the event that she should get stopped by the police.

I have full coverage and got in a car accident. When I went to get my insurance information I noticed my insurance had expired by about 3 weeks. My question, is there a state law in texas for a 30 day grace period?

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