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Is it illegal to drive if you have left your license at home?
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Is it illegal to drive if you have left your license at home?

I was watching something on TV which prompted this question... if you have a valid license and you leave it at home by mistake and have an accident are you in worse trouble if you don't have your license with you?


George A
Technically yes it is illegal. You must be able to produce your license upon request of any law enforcement official when asked.

But come on- it's the 21st century. Computers are everywhere & a lot of police dept's have in-car computers & can tell within seconds if you are a licensed driver or not & if your license is valid or not. Even if that dept doesn't have the in-car systems, dispatch will have one & can tell the officer within seconds if you do or don't have a license.

Then it is the officer's discretion to cite you, issue you a fix-it citation or do nothing at all & let you go with maybe nothing but a verbal reminder to have your license on you at all times when you are driving.

Legally you are supposed to carry your license everytime you drive a vehicle. It may be your vehicle or a rental vehicle.

Even if you are not in accident and police just pulls over - he could site you for 'Driving Without a License' offense.

yes it is illegal to drive without you license


No, I've done this before and gotten stopped. What helped me was that I had my license number memorized. They can also give you a ticket for driving without a license, however, all you have to do is take a copy of your license to the courthouse and they will dismiss the ticket.

Static Drive
nothing is illegal... if u dont get cuaght lol

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