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Is there a grace period for getting your tags?
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Is there a grace period for getting your tags?

My tags expire tomorow, if I drive my car to go get them, am I still under some grace period so I don't get in trouble tomorow for that?
I am in Oklahoma
Additional Details
I have insurance, its just that I didnt get the tags yet, I just bought the car, so I didn't have a year....


Uncle Red
I live in MO and lived in OK also, there is no grace period. Just don't get pulled over before you get your tag. Thay usually won't pull you over for just that unless they are following you.
Gee you had a year to plan for this....

walter chaos
Plan your life a little better and take the bus to renew the tags on your car --- or call the police dep't and ask the desk sgt. if one day is okay--- take all the papers you need to get new tags --- so you don't have to ride the bus but one time...

Jake W
Occording to oklahoma dmv webpage you get an additional late charge after 30 days. I've lived in many states, ok was not one of them, and they all give you 30 days grace period. Even if you get pulled over. When you go get your tags, other than a late charge if applicable, they're not going to say anything about how late you are. The people there can't give tickets or anything else.

Most states don't have a grace period when it comes to money, however they won't usually pull you over for just expired registration unless it's been awhile. Drive like the "angel" that I'm sure you are and get your tags, ASAP. In Ok I'd recommend avoiding those small towns, more likely to find a cop with nothing better to do. Good luck and Safe driving.

It's my understanding that if your payment is made by the due date,you will be covered in case you are pulled over, or cited, until the tags are mailed to you. To be sure,ask tommorow when you go in to pay.

ret w
I've actually went 4or5 days before i got mine with no problem. And I'm in Texas so i wouldn't worry.

rand a
they will probably let you off with a warning if you claim to be on the way, it just depends on the cops attitude, i dont think that they HAVE to let you off, it is illegal after all to drive with expired plates, although if you have already registered online i guess you are actually legal.

If your insurance(tags, plates, whatever you call it) is expired while your driving that vehicle you risk being fined for driving without insurance.

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