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Joe has $10,000 to purchase a used car. If the sales tax is 7% and the fee for title and license plates is $20?
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Joe has $10,000 to purchase a used car. If the sales tax is 7% and the fee for title and license plates is $20?


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You'll never get license plates for just $20 especially for a car that is $10,000.

But just with the information you gave, it is $10,720.00.


Ben Aich
joe should be looking at cars costing little more than $9,000 but i'd say joe should be looking at ones that cost a little less and have some reserve cash for repairs

and you're asking in Cars & Transportation > Insurance & Registration > instead of homework help and haven't finished your question, how likely are you to get an answer that will be helpful?

If the rest of the question is "How much additional cash will he need?" the answer is $10,000 plus $20 for the plate, plus 7% of $10,000 which is $700. so it will take a total of $10,720, minus the sales price of $10,000, and he will need $720 additional to complete his transaction.

I'm thinking that what the lady means or wanted to say is: Joe has 10,000.00 Dollars to spend, in total and no more.So, with a 7% sales tax and (Unrealistic fee) registration (Tags & Title) fee of 20.00 What is the cost of the car? So, I came up with this number-the vehicle should cost $9328.00-the tax is $652.96 + $20.00=$10,000.96. I'm sure Joe can come up with $0.96.Don't you think so, If not lend it to him

Yes, we have those facts/numbers. Now what is your (homework) question ?

You gave half a question. What's the entire question?

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