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Late on renewing my tags-what is the penalty with the dmv?
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Late on renewing my tags-what is the penalty with the dmv?

the most bizzare thing happened today. on my way home from school, i was pulled over for expired tags, when i could have SWORN i got them renewed. i'm still at disbelief that i didn't. but the cop said he checked on the computer and i didnt. so i have a citation. i was supposed to get them before 5-12-08. does any one know what kind of late fee the dmv will probably stack on to get it renewed tomorrow? my only concern is i will end up spending hundreds of dollars on this...


HAHA. Nothing is gonna happen. You'll just pay for your tags as usual... plus whatever your citation is for. Just make sure you've corrected the problem before you go to court and they might even drop it for you or something.

I do this about every friggin year. They may hit you up for an extra 30 bucks, or they may not do anything, but be prepared to possibly pay a small fine.

Do NOT get pulled over before you make it there, it's about a $300 ticket....I have experience with this, trust me.

Chuck M
Usually about 10% of the tax amount.
But each state is different, just like the amount they charge you for a citation or ticket.

My mother had that happen;she was late two days.
It cost about 25$ extra and then the regular price for the tag.

Depends on the car, and its a daily rate. Mine was $15 a day and I drive a SUV. My husband's was $30 a day, he drives a double cab truck. Get those tags fixed asap.

If you are in Pa and you are 4 months overdue and pulled over, they will impound your car....this just happened to me 20 minutes ago. That is how I found your question.

It wont be much, if anything.

No, it isn't that bad, but it probably varies with where you live.

I had that happen to me in California and it only cost me $10.

I don't know if you will have to do this, but the hardest part was that I had to find an officer to look at my car and have him confirm that I renewed it.

That was it for me.

what r u talking

Sorry dont know!


Oh, yeah, maybe. May to November.....that's 6 months.

Usually they charge you a monthly fee for how long you're over.
So if it's a $50 penalty, then for 6 months, it'd be $300.
But that's just a usual thing.

Sometimes they might have special rates......so much for 30 days late., then so much for 2-4 months late, etc.

So you pay the late fee, and THEN still have to pay to register the car. Plus the traffic ticket, unless it was where you get off if you show you've registered it. But then, there's usually STILL court costs!!

It's not gonna be pretty.......

You will not be charged late fees however, you will still have to pay the fine for the expired tags.

i don't think they'll charge you anything...

i'm pretty sure you just have to pay the citation the officer gave you

good luck!
hope you don't have to pay tons!

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