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My car is in my name, can my boyfriend register it and insure it without me on it for $ purposes?
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My car is in my name, can my boyfriend register it and insure it without me on it for $ purposes?


Not as long as it is in your name. You have to register it as owner. Can do it with him in some states; but you'll have to sign on.

Well, the problem with that is, then you don't have valid plates. The owner is one person, the insurance is someone else. He can't register it AT ALL unless you give him the car - and he retitles it in HIS name.

Lastly, if he registers it and insures it, and doesn't list you on it as a driver, that invalidates the insurance policy - it's called 'material misrepresentation', and the insurance company doesn't have to pay your claim.

Just sell the car, and get a bus pass, if you can't afford to drive insured.

If you make yourself the lein holder on the title and him as the owner, he can register it in his name, while protecting you in the event you break up, you can repossess the car as you hold a lein.

as long as you don't plan on driving it . . .

Nope! When getting insurance, whosoever name in on title of the vehicle has to be on the insurance

The vehicle should be registered and insured the same way it is titled. Any other way is invalid.

Yes, but only if you put it in his name, and never drive it. The minutes you are on it, even as a secondary driver, your information is on the insurance which drives up the price, assuming you have a bad driving record and that's why you're asking this question.

Then of course, in his name alone, if you break up, he takes the car with and there is nothing you can do about it.

Besides, the whole thing would be fraud really, do the right moral thing and be done with it.

Not a chance!!!

Some companies will let you insure a vehicle that you don't own if you are the regular driver of that vehicle. In this case he would not be. There is a thing as misrepresentation with insurance. If you misrepresent yourself and there is a claim it could be denied. If you are living together the company can run a report that shows you are living together.

If you want to own a vehicle you have to be willing to pay the insurance premium

If the car is in your name the other has to be to in the state of NC.

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