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My car was stolen and crashed. I only have liability coverage.?
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My car was stolen and crashed. I only have liability coverage.?

The stolen car was recovered, but the front end was crashed and the air bags were already go off when it was found. The car is still drive able. My insurance said they are not going to cover the damage. Do I need to report anything to DMV? I don't have any money to fix the car, can I sell my car as is?
Additional Details
The car is in North California


You can sell the car as is. Since it's still driveable, there's no need to apply for a salvage title for it, so no reason to tell the DMV, besides they'll already know since the police will have filed a report on it regarding the theft and recovery. Did you check with your home owner's insurance policy? If it was stolen from your home, see if maybe they will cover it. I know if say a tree falls on top of your car while it's in your driveway, your home insurance will cover it. Maybe it'll cover theft if the car was stolen from your house?

Just Me
sorry dude, you're screwed.
Liability covers the damage your car made to others peoples property, it doesn't cover you or your property.
The DMV probably already knows if the Police made record of it.
As far as your last question. Yes, you could sell as is (If you are willing to take $50 for it)
by the way, what kind of car is it?

find the person who crashed it and make them pay

Your choice to have liability coverage only, no collision, no fire or theft, has come back to haunt you. Yes, you can sell your vehicle as a parts only vehicle. Sorry about your loss.

As far as reporting anything to the DMV, your insurance could best answer that since it would depend by your area.

Sell if for parts.

your skrewed

I am sorry to hear about your accident. I think you might want to sell the parts and the car as is. I'm afraid if you report it to the DMV it will go on your record. Ask a friend and if you know a lawyer who is a friend ask for some advice. There are actually some lawyers who will help people without a lot of money with advice.

You do need to report the accident. You are responsible for any damage that your auto did. It could have been involved in a hit and run. You need to be cleared of any wrong doing. You need to also get a report from the police department about where they recovered your auto.

Liability for the lose :P......Sorry dude. I hope that the car is a used one and not new. Yea, the above poster is right..."You're skrewed."

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