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My daughter let a friend drive her car and was in an accident.?
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My daughter let a friend drive her car and was in an accident.?

It was the friends fault. Who's insurance will cover? The driver or the owner of the car?


Insurance follows the vehicle, not the driver. Since you said "My daughter LET a friend drive her car..." the person was driving with the owner's permission. Turn it in to your insurance company and let them handle it. You will have an 'at fault' accident on your record, and you can bet your rates will increase when renewal time comes.

The owner of the car.

I would expect your daughters friends insurance to pay for the damage. For example I have insurance which allows me to drive other cars with the owners permission. If i choose to drive someone eles car then it is my responsibility if anything were to happen as the car would temperailly be under my own insurance whilst i was using the car. If your daughters friend does not have insurance of her own but is listed on your daughters policy then it will be your daughters insurance who will pay out. If your daughters friend does not have any insurance at all then your daughters insurance may not pay out to the other party and her friend will be liable for any costs.

George K
If the driver has full coverage insurance.That company should cover the accident.

disco ball
normally, the car owner's will.but i guess u can arrange all that if the other person is willing.

fonda b
One was the friend covert in your daughters ins. your not but i would think your daughters friend would be reasonable to. But if she had no ins. then your daughter is reparable for it and for letting her drive her car.

Oops!! You might have serious problems! My son did that and the only way they would cover the damages was if he had his friend arrested for theft! Puts you in a very precarious position!
Call your insurance company as that will be the only viable answer. My daughter was involved in an accident while traveling with a girlfriend who took her parents car without permission! We had to obtain an attorney to get that situation straightened out also!
The insurance company finally paid on that but my son's we ended up footing the bill! AND THEN HE PAID US BACK-OF COURSE!!!! That's how they learn "right from wrong"!!!!!!!!!!

Insurance follows vehicles, not people.

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