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My driver license expired last May. To renew it, do I have to take the driving test again?
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My driver license expired last May. To renew it, do I have to take the driving test again?

I tried to call DMV but the line is always busy. I can't find the info on their site. I'm in California by the way.


THere is a grace period, but I think it is only 6 months.

JUST in case it is 12 months, you should hustle and get down there. Even if you have to take the test, the process starts with the application and, if you are not prepared for the test you can come back later... at least you will have your answer AND your process restarted.

Call the DMV and make an appointment.. that is much easier then waiting..


I would say no. You just need to go to the DMV and update any changed information and get a new photo/card with the updated date.

You'll have to go in and do it in person, the grace period is 60 days. You will have to take a written test, and depending on your driving record perhaps a driving test. They will tell you when you get there.

George A
I just looked there myself to verify my response & did not see anything specific either.

I believe from what I recall from reading somewhere, that for a non-commercial d/l, if you go more than 6 months without a valid d/l, that you are required to retest. For a CDL it is 2 years before you have to retest & that is posted in the website (what good that does you, huh?).

I've heard that it is hard to contact DMV there anymore. And they expect you to call to schedule an appointment, yet you can't get through to get an answer to a question.

You could do this, be prepared to take all applicable tests again, but hope that you don't have to.

u r s i
Most likely you'll have to take it all over again, written test as well as driving test.

Calling the local office generally gets one very little answers; I'd go there in person.

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