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My insurance is under my name, but car title and registration is under my mom's name?
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My insurance is under my name, but car title and registration is under my mom's name?

I didn't buy the car, the car is a gift. I paid insurance for this car, but my mom's name is on the title and registration.

Is it possible or easier to just switch the title and registration to my name or what?



Bill M
Yeah, just get her to sign the papers.

It's very easy, just get her to sign the registration forms into your name then post them off to the DVLA (Or the American equivalent!)

If the vehicle is titled and registered in your mother's name, it should be insured in her name as well, or else your insurance is invalid.

She should be able to sign the title over to you, then you may register it in your name. Then everything will be correct and your insurance will be fine just as it is.

Most companies will not insure a vehicle that is not titled in your name. You have to have a financial interest in the vehicle in order to insure it. Some companies don't care so you really need to check with your insurance company to find out. You could also add your mom to your policy if she doesn't want to sign the title over to you. The best thing is to have her sign over the title to you. In most states there is no tax on a vehicle that is a gift from parent to child. You will have to pay for a new title.

I don't know if it matters between states but where I live mine is the same way. My dad bought me a vehicle as a gift and I pay the insurance and it's in my name.. That shouldn't matter as long as you have insurance... A lot of people don't even have it!

Pedro S
just have her sign title and reg to you....[and pay the $] at the DMV or where ever you do yours.

Have your mothers name added to your insurance policy.

You need to have her sign the car over to you as soon as possible because you can't insure something you don't own. Your policy will not cover the car until this is done (unless you have Progessive = for some reason they don't care - but still, I would do it because I'm sure your mother won't want to be held liable for any accident you have). Have her sign the back of the title as the seller, you sign as the buyer (you may not have to pay tax on the car if it is a gift between relatives - check with your local DMV though to be sure - or you may have to put down a nominal purchase price) and take the title to the DMV with your proof of insurance & they will have a title & registration & plates put in your name. It may be right away, it may have to be mailed to you. If the plates have to be mailed to you, they will give you temporary plates.

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