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My license expired monday, how long do i got to go get it renewed?
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My license expired monday, how long do i got to go get it renewed?

it expired april 13th 2009
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George A
There is no grace period. Once you license is expired, you are subject to a citation if you are pulled over by the police.

As to what steps you need to do to renew it varies from state to state. It can be anything from just paying a renewal fee to having to pay a penalty charge for renewing after it expired & a renewal fee to having to take a test, renewal fee &/or penalty fee to renew it.

Since you failed to mention the state, call your local DMV office & see what all you will need to do. Any driving you have done since 04/13 has been done illegally, so do it ASAP.

expired the 13th you have til the 13th to renew them so your driving on expired ones

im lovin' the 2009
when they expire, they expire.
there is no time line to when you should apply for another one.
I will say, don't get pulled over by the cops, because your license are considered not valid.......
did you know that the reason your tag and license expire on your birthday is so you don't forget?
yep it's true....
okay enough, I think you know what you have to do now.
good luck

You can go in anytime. Take a friend to drive you there so you're not breaking the law.

Since it expired, you'll have to take the roadsign test again. Drop by (with a friend) and pick up a drivers licence booklet. Study the shapes and colors of the roadsigns, because on the test the signs are blank. Once you're studied up, go take your test. You won't get a ticket for letting it expire unless you're caught driving. Good luck.

Scott H
Expired means "no longer valid". You had until Monday the 13th to renew it.

Any time before Monday 4/13/09. Depending upon the state of issue, you will have to check with the local motor vehicle department to see what their procedure is. Be advised that your vehicle insurance is probably invalidated without a legitimate license and if stopped by the local constable they may site you for not having a valid license in your possession.
Your best bet is to rectify this situation as soon as it is possible.

duh, it is expired now. That means it is no longer valid. You should have gotten it renewed before your birthday. If I were you, I'd go ASAP to the DVM and get it renewed.

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