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My son had an accident with his dirt bike he slid into a car with his foot the car is an impala,?
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My son had an accident with his dirt bike he slid into a car with his foot the car is an impala,?

The driver of the Impala turned in front of my son. Now the insurance company for the other guy is charging my son over 2000.00 for a door. I need to know where I can go for an appeal. They never asked my son what happened.The insurance company is Geico


Greg D
Ive been in this situation. Dont waste your time fighting it. Unless the driver was being wreckless, DUI, or on private property your going to loose. There maybe is a chance that the drivers insurace would pay for it since your son is tech. a un-insured driver.

The details of the accident are not clear.

Which happened first? Your son slid into the car? Or the other driver turned in front of your son?
This is very important to know so the insurance company knows whose fault the accident is.

If the accident is your sons fault, then you have to pay the other party's damages unless you have liability insurance for the dirt bike. If the accident is the other party's fault, then call Geico and tell them.

Mad Jack
If your son was an unlicensed driver on an unlicensed dirt bike riding on the street, he is automatically at fault. You are responsible for the repairs and any injuries to the driver of the Impala.

Be thankful the driver of the Impala doesn't have a sore neck or something.

You're pretty much admitting fault on your son's behalf. If your son HIT the Impala then it's his fault. Being that the door is damaged the insurance adjuster will look at the accident as 100% negligent on your son's part. The Impala didn't hit him. There's no reason for an appeal. Your son is negligent and needs to pay. Dirt bikes are required to have liability coverage in almost all states now, especially if they are on the road. If the bikes uninsured then your son will have to pay the $2,000 out of pocket. If the bike actually never made contact with the Impala then your son will have to pay for the damage out of pocket anyway. It's called vandalism

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